B2B – is a business model in which your client is not an individual consumer but another business. Your image in this area is essential because it doesn’t only allow you to attract more clients but allows you to keep those who are already using your services. 

B2B companies face much more demand because the priorities of their customers are significantly different. There are a lot of competitors, so it is crucial to pay attention to communication with clients. 

A site is the main portal for the majority of modern B2B companies. Thanks to it, you will lead your customer through all the necessary parts of cooperation with you, explain the structure of your company, and will introduce your products. 

In this article from our partner, Weblium website builder, you will learn how design influences the work of a B2B website and how to make it successful. 


The main design elements for the B2B company website

The website's design has to be complete, nearly ideal, while its content will answer all users' questions. Research claims that around 80% of B2B companies are focused on working both in offline and online sectors. And to make a website more effective, you need to include all the nuances that will help clients choose your services.

Website navigation

User path is the main thing you must consider while creating a B2B website. Even if your website has no innovative design solutions or looks a bit outdated, convenient navigation will hold your existing clients and will help potential ones browse your services better. 

More than 75% of users say they would instead use competitors’ services if the navigation on your website is not well-developed. This is why you need to analyze all the nuances and clicks of your potential customer. For this reason, your header has to contain links to the most significant pages. Such pages as “About Us”, details about products, plans (selling conditions), information about discounts, and a blog would be necessary. 


Don’t forget about the appearance of your B2B website. It has to catch the attention of users immediately without being too obsessive. Each element of the website has to mix with all the others to create a unique design and make customers choose your services.

  • Text. Fonts are important. However, you should focus on 2-3 variations. But only one font will be the main one. It can be used in different texts, blog articles, and answers to questions. Handwritten fonts are less recognizable. The more customers try to understand what’s written, the less the chance they will choose your company. Such fonts should be used only in headings. 
  • Images. It is not so hard to select images for your website. Even though you are focused on cooperation with other businesses, you don't need to forget about the emotional part. For example, if you are focused on CRM, showing the interface will be good. But also, don’t forget to add photos of happy workers.
  • Colors. The color palette is essential. It creates a proper mood and immediately provides the user with the necessary emotion. If your company sells ecological products, you should use green and white colors. Darker shades of gray, blue, and green are used by companies working in the IT area. Using a bright color palette increases the chance that your potential customer will get tired. 

There is no universal design solution. But having a plan, including emotions and targeted actions, will be required. 

Core audience and brand

A core audience is necessary not only while you create content but when you design the appearance of your website. If your audience is mainly startups, you should focus on minimalism. Show more photos and special offers, and explain how your product will improve the work of the business. 

Suppose you are focused on cooperation with older companies with positions on the market already. In that case, you should pay attention to more rational advantages of your product and how it is better than other systems. 

Furthermore, your brand has to be recognizable to potential customers. The appearance of your website has to fulfill the logo and vice versa. If your logo looks like it was just copied to the template of another company’s website, the client will notice that. It is a significant part of the work that builds up trust in your product. 


Content is the primary method of communication with your customers. More than simple and abstract phrases will be required, even if you have an extraordinarily great appearance. The client needs more to choose your services. 

However, making the website design for B2B overloaded with information is also harmful. Of course, everything depends on your core audience, but using brief and understandable messages allows more visitors to see why to choose your services. 

The content depends on your services and goals, but you can try using the following:

  • Manuals. You can show your clients how to use your products and services. It will add clarity to your concept and will offer your users step-by-step instructions on how to use your products.
  • Page with advantages. Brief messages about the competitive benefits of using your products and services. Even more, if your company has different plans, it would be great to add advantages of one over the other.
  • Blog. A blog is where you can implement your willingness to create vast and detailed texts. It will add an extra expert approach to your website and help attract more users via SEO. 

Don’t forget to tell about your goals, mission, and story. With the assistance of qualitative text content, you will build up firm boundaries with your audience. 


How does design enhance trust?

Trust is one of the indicators that affect sales. If your website is convenient, looks modern, and explains complicated working processes, the clients will believe you more. The same thing with updates. If you hear your customers and improve the existing concept, clients will see that you care for them. 

Psychological influence of the website

Color psychology is a crucial moment that makes a user perform a required action. The color is a great mood conductor for your B2B website. 

For example, if you need a client to be full of energy, you should use red and yellow colors. When your website contains a lot of information about products (e.g., operating conditions, nuances, and instructions), you should use this palette. The user will be energized and charged enough to buy your products or services. 

If you can explain everything in several brief but complete sentences, use darker colors. It will show that your company is thoughtful and trustworthy. 

Design and values

Values are also essential and can be represented via design. While the company's story can be illustrated via text, the values can be easily displayed with color and images. 

Of course, there is no universal solution for such goals, but there are examples of color combinations that can be used while B2B website development. 

  • Green, white, and yellow colors demonstrate the ecological aspects of the product. If your mission is to help businesses manage their deals without harming the environment, using such colors will be an advantage. 
  • Blue, gray, and dark green can be used to show trustworthiness and assurance. With the use of such colors, you can show that your main goal is to cover at least one aspect of the work of your customers and that you are focused on creating support for another business.
  • Using bright and warm colors or combining warm and cool colors will show that your goal is to provide services for everyone. It will represent that you are ready to cooperate with every business by providing universal services.

You can also combine colors with images. The universal product can benefit from photos of different categories of people using it. At the same time, the ecological one will be great with infographics representing that your methods are entirely safe and affect nature in a good way. 


Examples of successful B2B websites

It is always a good idea to get inspiration from the concepts of other companies and see which solutions will be perfect for your website and which will not. Here, you can find 3 successful designs of B2B companies.

  • Shepper. This is a service that collects all the demanded information for businesses. The website pays attention to highlighting this service. You can find successful cases and general methods of work with the company. Texts and videos are provided to enhance points.

  • LearnUpon. LearnUpon is a company that allows different businesses to create educational programs for their employees. The emotional aspect of images is well-mixed with clear takes that the platform helps to grow and get results. 

  • Mailchimp. This is the service for e-mail marketing. The minimalistic design is supported by emotional photos of employees. The information about the plans is on the front page. Also, a huge number of animations represent the work with the resource. The client will immediately see how the service works and its solutions. 

These companies are not the only ones that gained success but are significant for showing successful design solutions. They show that the product optimizes the work with clients. These companies are not afraid to speak about the advantages and use varying elements, such as videos and animations.


How to make a website design better for the consumer?

Giving a customer understanding that you care for him is really important. You should show that the main idea of your platform is to provide convenience to all users. And there are several methods that will help implement this idea. 


A lot of users now get access to websites by using smartphones. Adapting your B2B website for mobile devices is way too important. The client always needs to have an opportunity to reach you, learn more about the services, or show your website to colleagues. 

While developing the website design, you should always consider how to make it look good on mobile devices. 


If you are aimed at an international audience, you should create websites in different languages. Even if your services are aimed at only one country, you should think about whether they will be relevant to people abroad or not. 

This step will significantly increase the website conversion rate and will attract more people to use your services. 


As a B2B business, you should show that your product is relevant. If you have a loyal audience, don’t hesitate to add their feedback about your product. 

You can add them in a separate block or integrate them from independent review services. It is a valuable part of website design for B2B.


Create your website effortlessly

B2B websites are always relevant. They come as a great way to attract more people to your services and show your company in a specific area. By using tips from the article, you can improve the existing website or implement new ideas in the one being developed. 

And if you want to create a website fast using premade solutions or your unique ideas, try Weblium. This is a great platform for B2B website development, where you can access the template library for different businesses or develop a completely new website from scratch.

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