A timesheet is a spreadsheet that records the time spent by an employee on tasks or projects. Previously, managers used paper sheets for this purpose, and all statistics were transferred to spreadsheets.


A time sheet is an important business document and, at the same time, one of the most inaccurate. After all, studies show that 8 out of 10 manual time records contain errors that need to be corrected later.


However, automatic time tracking software allows you to record and monitor time without human intervention. This means that you, as an employer, can know exactly how many hours each employee has worked with minimal effort and, most importantly, without interfering in  the personal space of the employees.


How does the automatic Yaware timesheet work?


Yaware.TimeTracker automatically records all work activities and stores user data. All information is recorded and updated every 15 minutes without active human intervention. The report shows:


  • how many days per month each employee worked;
  • how much time the employee was absent and for what reason: sick leave, vacation, day off;
  • staff vacation schedule;
  • violations of the schedule: being late or finishing work earlier than necessary;
  • data on the work of full-time and remote employees;
  • monthly salary for employees paid by hour;
  • statistics of those who work in shifts, at night, or according to a standard schedule.


What are the benefits of an automatic timesheet?


The main value of automation is that it can free up time for employees to perform more important tasks. Yaware TimeTracker simplifies personnel management and payroll for office and remote teams. Timesheets are easy to automate, no matter where and how your employees work. Advanced reporting helps you analyze productivity, calculate project and task costs, and view employee attendance. This data allows you to make more profit for the same working hours.


So, with this software you will:


  • always know how your employees spend their working hours;
  • get a complete picture of staff and company productivity;
  • improve the process of reporting and performance analysis;
  • provide customers with billing transparency;
  • reduce the costs associated with data processing and storage;
  • enable employees to see their performance statistics so that they can monitor their own productivity and reduce distractions.


If you're still in doubt, try a free trial version of Yaware.TimeTracker and see how much more effective it is than any traditional spreadsheet.

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