Increase Personal Productivity

For several years ahead, such a highly demanded profession as a programmer will be considered not only prestigious, but also very well-paid. To reach the highest professional level and become a true specialist, you need to learn new things, practice constantly and gain new knowledge.
There are a number of programs to increase productivity of the programmers, both beginners and experienced ones. It will be useful not only for the employer.
For the well-coordinated teamwork and each team member, it is important to consider the following workflow aspects:

  • daily planning;
  • project management;
  • teamwork and cooperation;
  • reports;
  • analytics;
  • data storage.

List of useful programs

Leading world experts have made a list of useful programs and apps which will help the team to achieve high productivity level, while saving a lot of time:


Yaware.TimeTraker is an automated program for monitoring the working time distribution of employees and its further adjusting. Thus, all working hours will be automatically shown to the manager in a table and chart; the time sheet is kept using statistics and without any human participation. This is a huge advantage of this program. In addition, all photo reports of what is happening on the screen of the employee and his workplace can be sent by email.


This software provides unified team communication, has chats, notifications, and file sharing integration. The special bot helps the users.


It will be useful for team leaders, as it allows them to view projects history from the launch and after outsourcing. This productivity software create invoices, make tasks lists and set goals, as well as manage them in the future.


No other program is simpler and more effective. The interface is easy and understandable even for a beginner; it will help to track work time with Android, iPhone, or Mac. The program generates automatic worked hours report for the staff in real time.


This is an automated timesheet of the working time for the team as a whole and each team member individually. It has offline and online productivity tracking, timer, staff performance report.


The program is suitable for quick and convenient management of short tasks for small and medium companies.


This program is more useful as a functional schedule for employees, which also helps the manager to create a payment schedule thanks to a convenient calculation system. It has a mobile app, as well as a built-in GPS function to accurately locate every employee.


The program is differ from others by the fact that it allows each team member to personalize their work space to the maximum. The program is interesting and easy to use, it will make communication more intimate which contributes to development of team spirit.


Convenient and logical messenger for chat members with not only email exchange function, but also file-sharing.

Pros and Cons of Using Productivity Enhancing Programs

The advantages of using the time tracker are obvious, but as for the employees attitude to these actions, opinions differ. The program may be negatively treated by employees for various reasons:

  • lack of privacy;
  • management pressure;
  • additional fines and other unreasonable disciplinary measures.

First of all, it should be noted that any of the listed programs is installed on a PC only with the user's knowledge and with their direct participation. Its use must be agreed upon by both parties, the employer and the employee.
Indeed, the use of time tracking software for office employees and remote staff does not have any negative effects. After all, it will stimulate improvement of self-discipline, punctuality, and add to more responsibility.

How Time Tracking Programs Help the Development of Company’s Programmers

First of all, these programs help programmers to increase personal productivity and not be distracted by the calculation of time worked. It contributes to greater focus and efficiency.
Moreover, the working time tracker will not in any way impede companys employees, who love their job and want to earn money; on the contrary, it will only help them. Business automation, ways of its management and improvement are gaining momentum, and we can expect more new apps for that in the near future.
The majority of the official versions of productivity tracking programs have a free trial period of 14 days. Their full versions are not expensive, but any price will be more than recouped after the first month of use.

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