Productivity in the workplace plays an important role in achieving success and satisfaction in the professional sphere. However, sometimes it seems that time just flies by and productivity remains low. In such cases, it's helpful to have a few strategies to recover and increase productivity. In this article, we will look at seven effective ways to achieve this goal.


1. Organize your workspace

Organizing your workspace effectively can have a positive impact on your productivity. Keep your desk appropriately organized and free of unnecessary items. Use drawers, folders, and organizers to keep the materials you need close at hand. Keeping your workspace clean and organized will help you focus on your tasks and increase your productivity.


2. Plan and prioritize

Creating a work plan and prioritizing tasks is an effective way to organize your time and focus on the most important tasks. Make a list of tasks and set realistic deadlines for their completion. Then work according to your plan, avoiding distractions.


3. Use time management techniques

Time management techniques can help you use your work time effectively. For example, a technique that involves working for a certain period (e.g., 25 minutes) without a break and then taking a short break. This helps to maintain concentration and increase productivity. There are other popular techniques that can be useful for effective time management.


4. Implement concentration modes

Frequent interruptions and distractions can reduce your productivity. Schedule periods of time when you will work without external distractions by turning off notifications on your phone or using website blocking apps. This will allow you to dive deeper into your tasks and get more done in less time.


5. Use technology for automation and efficiency

Modern technology can greatly simplify your work and increase your productivity. Use apps and tools to automate routine tasks, manage projects, communicate with colleagues, and plan your time.


You can also implement a time tracker to help you work more efficiently while spending less time. This can be Yaware.TimeTracker – a simple and convenient tool for teams of any size and structure, designed specifically to increase productivity.


With Yaware, you can find out:

  • what time of day is the most productive for employees;
  • what resources employees use to perform a particular task;
  • how much time is spent on a task;
  • when there are difficulties in completing a task and help is needed;
  • what distracts employees and prevents them from moving forward.


6. Engage in physical activity

Regular physical activity not only has a positive effect on your health, but also helps to increase productivity. Exercise, short walks, or yoga can help you recharge your batteries and improve your concentration while at work.


7. Maintain a work-life balance:

Learn to balance your time between work and leisure. Taking regular breaks and setting aside time for rest allows you to recover and maintain high productivity in the long run.



Increasing productivity in the workplace requires conscious efforts and strategies. Organizing your workspace, planning, using time management techniques, concentration, using technology, physical activity, and balancing work and leisure are all factors that contribute to increased productivity and better results in the workplace.


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