Tracking work time

It’s clear that implementation of an automated time tracking system can offer employers numerous benefits, such as cutting labor costs, increasing employees’ productivity and enhancing overall control.
But usually, employees don`t see any obvious benefits of their time being tracked. The idea of time tracking usually turns an employer into a Big Brother.
However, tracking work time has some great benefits, that will help employees have a better work-life balance, find a way to improve their performance and meet the deadlines.

5 major benefits of tracking work time for employees:

1. Accurate capturing of all time worked and fairly estimated job

By tracking work time, not only you can plan your time better, you’re also able to let your employer or manager know how much time you spend on something, and basically, if use use the work time productively. So, if you’re a programmer, this means that you’re able to show your boss how much time you’re spending on support and how it affects your ability to write codes.

2. Work flexi-hours or work from home

There’s a big number of employees who would like to have a flexible schedule or from time to time work from home. Using a time tracking solution you can finally persuade your manager to allow you to work from home, or start your day at a different time. The application will capture the exact time when you start and finish your day, hours worked and all apps/websites you use while working. You don`t even have to send out the reports, the system will do it for you.

3. Self-discipline

Believe it or not, but you will learn how to come to work on time, and how not to leave earlier than you should. You will also plan your time better, have shorter, but more productive meetings.
Knowing that you’re being tracked, you will not allow yourself to be late, leave earlier or spend another 30 min on Facebook.
As a result, you eliminate digital distractions, comply with the company rules, meet the deadlines.

4. Increased motivation

Nobody can trick or hack the time tracking application, nobody can change the information about your work. Thus, you get a great motivation to work better because you know that you always have proofs of your great work, and you can be praised for it.

5. Get accurate paychecks

There are few things that are more irritating for employees, than to get shorted on a paycheck. Tracking work time using an automated time tracking solution increases paycheck accuracy.
The system automatically captures the start and stop time and calculates hours worked. It eliminates critical errors, such as human mistake or fraud and data entry errors.
So, you will never be shorted on your paycheck ever again.

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