Cloud based work hours tracker

As the world of technology develops transforms the way that business is run. All the new software and apps have a great impact on workflow processes. As well as cloud computing.
Businesses move from traditional software to cloud-based solutions because of their benefits. Which ones? Keep reading to find out.

What are the benefits of cloud-based work hours tracker?

1. Fast and simple installation

The sequence of actions here is simple: you sign up for the tracker, download the app and start using it.
With a local version, you would either have to wait until the time tracking vendor creates a virtual server for data collection or have your IT department creating it.
This means that it would take some time to implement the software. Choosing a cloud-based solution you choose comfort and speed.

2.  Permanent access to your personal account

If you’re on the go, but you want to stay updated with what your employees are engaged in, then you should choose a cloud-based work hours tracker.
To access the information you just have to sign into your account from any Internet connected device.

3. You can monitor the work of remote employees

If you work with freelancers on a long term basis, or you have office workers who like to work from home from time to time, you can still stay updated about their performance.
Send a download link by email and let employees install the software by themselves. The process will not take longer than 5 minutes.  
Besides, employees get a tool that helps them track their time and increase productivity when working from home.

4. Hassle free updates

Cloud-based work hour trackers update automatically, just like the apps on your smartphone.
Once the update is out, you don’t have to install, you use it right away.

5. You save money

Implementation of a cloud-based work hours tracker will be much cheaper than a local solution.
You don’t have to buy a local physical server, pay for its maintenance and service. You don’t have to teach the employees how to use the new software, and you can choose the plan that fits your budget the best.


As you can see a cloud based work hours tracker is beneficial for business. Already looking for one? Check out Yaware.TimeTracker – a cloud-based solution that work on all OS’s and helps your business and employees become more successful.

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