Can a time tracker threaten the company's information security? What information about employees does the timekeeping program collect?

Company employees may be excited about using a time tracker at work. They think they won't be able to rest, or their personal information will be shared with third parties. In this article, we will consider 3 security aspects of the Yaware TimeTracker service, which the manager should familiarize himself with and share information with company employees.

What is Yaware TimeTracker?

Yaware TimeTracker is a cloud-based time tracking software. This allows employers to easily track employee hours and resources (programs/sites) used. The solution is secure because it stores only the information that allows you to draw conclusions about the performance of the work. The employee's location and personal passwords are not saved by the program.

How does the time tracker prevent information leakage?

Companies that work with sensitive data realize that information security is becoming more and more important. Screenshots and camera photos are a cost-effective and simple way to prevent commercial information leaks. The function will help to detect violations regarding the use of company data and provide adequate evidence of such activity.

How can business owners use software to protect information?

The SaaS version of Yaware TimeTracker involves installing the program on both office computers and personal laptops. This facilitates the process of implementing the tracker and keeping records of the time worked and allows you to control the use and distribution of confidential information by remote and office workers.



Information accumulated during the entire tracking period is stored on Amazon AWS servers: only authorized persons have access to the data, and it is not subject to distribution.

The Enterprise version of Yaware TimeTracker is chosen by companies that prefer to host information on their own servers.

TimeTracker is the best way to prevent information leakage

We hope we've convinced you that TimeTracker is one way to prevent information leaks. If you have any doubts about being able to track employee time, you can always try a free trial. The test period lasts 14 days and does not involve obligations. If you want to continue using it, you can get a special offer. In this way, you do not take any risks, and you will have time to decide whether the tool is suitable for your company.


Yaware TimeTracker is a solution that helps employers track the duration and quality of the working day. And also how much time employees spend on personal matters and non-productive resources (viewing pages of social networks, news portals, watching videos on YouTube, etc.).

Data collected by the software is used to evaluate employee performance and engagement. It also helps determine their potential for growth. The location of team members, personal passwords, card numbers, and other sensitive data do not help to form an opinion about work productivity. Therefore, they are not used by the time tracker at work.

Yaware information is stored on Amazon AWS servers and is accessible only to authorized persons. There are no passwords or special rules that could allow unauthorized access to information.

If you want to implement a timekeeping system in the company, you can use the SaaS version, or install Enterprise and store the information on your own servers.


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