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Time tracking comes in all different form and shapes. Naturally, the same form of time tracking can not fit for all or even a group of businesses. Each of them has different needs, different problems and different tasks they want to resolve using a time tracker.
So, who would benefit the most from using an online time tracker?

But first, what exactly is an online time tracker?

It is a time tracking software that runs solely in the cloud. It has more benefits comparing to a locally hosted version.
You don’t have to get a hardware server or set up a virtual server to store the data. As well as the implementation of such tool takes no longer than an hour (including settings).
And last but not least, an online version is much cheaper than a box version.

What types of companies can benefit the most from using an online time tracker?

Consulting agencies

What they do: give expert or professional advice in a particular area or a specialised field.
Their problem: they have a tight schedule, usually many meetings offline and online.
How time tracker helps: time tracking app accurately records both offline and online time. So, each employee and manager get a full picture of the working day.

Digital marketing agencies

What they do: online brand and content promotion, content creation, planning.
Their problem: marketers spend a lot of time online are often overloaded.
How time tracker helps: time tracking software records Internet and software activity, allowing to find the time eaters. It also records the total amount of time worked and so, allows to determine, and if necessary rearrange the workload.

Web design and web development

What they do: create design and applications.
Their problem: web designers and web devs usually have a flexible schedule, so there occurs a problem of their schedule management.
How time tracker helps: the time tracker automatically records the time when the employee starts and finishes work, so the schedule and worked time records are accurate.

Online retail

What they do: sell goods online.
Their problems: online retailers usually hire remote employees to help them, so they need to control their working time in order to pay fairly.
How time tracker helps: an online time tracker is easy to install on remote computers, so you can monitor the work of remote employees and their productivity.

IT companies

What they do: develop software solutions.
Their problems: employees spend 90% of time working at the computer
How time tracker helps: the time tracker analyzes the productivity of employees’ work and allows to take balanced decisions to increase it.

In conclusion

Except, for the benefits mentioned above, time tracking has many more benefits. So, don’t hesitate, check out an online time tracker form Yaware and increase the productivity of your business today!

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