Why work hour tracker is the best way of tracking time

Tracking time is important for any business that works in IT, online retail, etc. Basically, any business where employees spend most of the working day at the computer.
But is has a huge matter which methods the executives choose to track time. E.g., an automated work hour tracker, has way more benefits over the traditional ways of time recording.
But, before talking about its benefits, let’s take a look at why manual ways are no longer efficient.

Three Reasons to Stop Using Timesheets

In earlier days, company's used to track time using paper timesheets, or a more up-to-date version – Excel spreadsheets. So, employees had to manually sign in and out every time they entered and left the workplace. Or at the end of the week, fill in the Excel spreadsheet.
These methods are no longer efficient for three reasons:

    1. Both company and employees lose time: the company does not have accurate data about employee’s time. And employees might simply forget in a rush to fill out the timesheet.
    2. Timesheets create room for mistakes and inaccuracies: at the end of the week someone has to go through the timesheets, right? Imagine how much information this particular person has to review. The more information, the more mistakes there are. Any such errors would lead to miscalculations that could cost the company dearly in terms of salary expenditures.
    3. It’s complicated to track the time of freelancers: in theory, they could log in the hours worked to an Excel spreadsheet and send it over to you. But in that case, there is a risk of time theft. So using this method, there is no accuracy at all.

How is Work Hour Tracker Different?

A good automated work hour tracker helps to significantly transform and streamline not only time tracking but also other business processes and phenomenons within your company.
Thus, employees no longer have to fill out timesheets so that they can save precious time and energy. Staffers also get a chance to increase their workplace productivity. Using the reports that time tracking software generates, employees can change the way they use time and eliminate its waste.
Automatic time tracking significantly streamlines the workflow of the HR-department. They get a tool that frees up time because there is no longer need to go through the timesheets and enter the data into a digital database. The information is already in the computer, so the HR can export it to PDF, XLS or CSV and quickly share if necessary.
Using the reports, HR-managers can also analyze the performance of employees and improve it, which affects the overall productivity.
Automatic work hour tracker eliminates the guess work for managers when it comes to improving the workflow of the company. Having accurate data they know exactly which areas need improvement and what methods are best for that.


Using a work hour tracker, you open new prospects and insights that give you the confidence in how you decide to improve the performance of your business. No more guessing, only wise decisions.

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