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Because time tracking comes in different forms, shapes, and distributions, any business can find the best option.
When it comes to using a time tracking software for monitoring employees’ work at the computer, an online system is more beneficial.
Time tracking online presents a lot more opportunities for the companies, comparing to a locally hosted time tracking. But don’t just take our word, check these benefits below:

The benefits of implementing an online time tracker

You save money, and most importantly time

Time and money are the two most valuable assets for any type of business. So, it is beneficial for the companies to implement the software as fast as possible while spending minimum costs.
By choosing an online time tracking system, you choose a quick and simple way of implementation. You can start using the system in about an hour after installation and you don’t have to involve additional specialists to help you with the implementation.

You don’t have to install updates

The “problem” with desktop software is that once the update is out, you have to install it. Or at least, allow the application to be updated.
And often because companies establish limitations for employees to install/uninstall software, it means that the admin has to take care of it.
S/he has to either manually or via a local network upgrade the time tracker, so that workers could use it.
When having your time tracking online, once the update is released – you just use it.
No hassle, no problems.

You get a much more flexible tool

Using an online time tracker, you get more flexible solutions than you would, using a hosted version.
It is well known that people are different. Each has a unique temper. Some can not live a day without talking to people, and others need a recharge time.
If you take a closer look, you definitely will be able to find an introverted employee/s. For such people office noise and people, in general, can be tiring. So, it is a good idea to let them work at home from time to time.
Time tracking here helps to stay accounted for their time, as well as the employee to remain conscious of his/her time and productivity.
In addition, if you are on a trip using the online version of a time tracker, you can always access your account and:

  • access the tracking information and evaluate employees’ work
  • make changes, such as add employees, assign new managers, etc.

You can grow your business globally

Internet and technologies are wonderful things. They allow us to stay connected, get out of dangerous/complicated situations, and most importantly, do what we like.
That is why over 4 million people in the world have started their careers as freelancers.
For businesses, that is an excellent opportunity to grow. Companies can handle bigger loads of work and employees don’t even have to be in the same room (or building).
But here is one significant obstacle – how to stay in touch and especially how to evaluate the performance of remote workers? You can do that if having your time tracking online.
You can install the time tracking software on the remote computer and so, monitor the work of your freelancer/s; evaluate and increase their productivity.

In conclusion

Time tracking online is faster and easier to implement. Needless to say that it is much cheaper, which is important, especially for small businesses. And the other benefits you have just seen.
So, don’t hesitate and check out Yaware.TimeTracker – online time and productivity tracking software, and see what benefits you can get!

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