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Fun fact: Apple had been founded on April’s Fools in 1976 and since then has grown into one of the biggest providers of technology, whose income exceeds the US Treasury.
It also has over 92,000 employees around the world. And your chances to get into Harvard are much higher than getting a job at Apple.
We also found out that the battery of an Apple Macbook could save you from a gunshot because it's bulletproof. But please, don’t test it!
Ok, so enough with the fun facts, let’s get back to business.

Why should there be a time tracker for Mac?

The answer is dramatically simple. It is a huge market. Not only it is an opportunity for business but is also a need to the customers.
The productivity of your business should not depend on the operating system that you use. Wouldn’t you like to have a time tracker for Mac when you needed one?

What does Yaware.TimeTracker has to offer to Mac lovers?

Automatic time tracking

If you’re a fan of manual time tracking – that’s fine. But we recommend using an automatic system.
First of all, it does not distract employees. Yaware.TimeTracker silently runs in the background while the employee is working. Data is recorded, employee is focused.
Second of all, it is much more convenient to use an automatic time tracker to calculate payroll.
Employees don’t have to submit their timesheets, or remember to do them at all. There no longer is a place for fraud and time theft.

Offline time tracking

Meetings are claimed to be one of the biggest time-eaters. Mostly because they involve wrong employees, don’t have clear agenda or time limit. But how can you find out that your company has too many meetings? Time tracking can tell.
Yaware.TimeTracker allows to track offline activities, including meetings, phone calls, lunch breaks. Employees can leave a comment on the activity characterizing the agenda of the meeting or phone call.

Screenshot taking

Screenshots are extremely useful if you manage a remote team or allow employees to telecommute. Using such type of visual data you get a better understanding of the progress and the workflow. You can also keep an eye on the productivity of the remote employees.

Productivity assessment

Yaware.TimeTracker automatically determines how productively employees use the working time.
You see, every application or website that employee uses belongs to one of the three categories:

  • productive (marked green in reports);
  • unproductive (marked red in reports);
  • neutral (marked gay in reports);

So, just by looking at the report, you can already how productive the employees are.

But that’s not all we got for you! Check out our time tracker for Mac in practice!

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