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How accurately can workplace productivity be measured? It’s a pressing issue to any business owner or manager – they need objective feedback on how their staff is doing.
The problem with it, however, is that efficiency is quite hard to track if not having tools for monitoring productivity as it’s something rather intangible. But as it still has to be estimated somehow there are a few ways developed to do this.

A Timesheet Template

A timesheet template is basically a table in Excel spreadsheet where time in and time out is recorded. The principle of work is simple – by filling in appropriate columns a manager / owner / accountant, etc. gets generated data on issues concerning productivity.

Typically these data include:

  • beginning / end of the working day;
  • time spent for breaks, lunches, etc.;
  • total amount of worked hours for certain period (e.g., per day / week / month, etc., depending on which template is used);
  • pay rates.

As all data are entered manually it’s therefore quite difficult to avoid mistakes which then lead to incorrect salary calculation. Besides the procedure of manually submitting all those numbers is time-consuming and monotonous.

An Alternative: Time Tracking Software

The time tracking software has a major advantage over the timesheet template, time card calculators and other tools for monitoring productivity. The same data outlined above is collected automatically, with no need of manual entry which of course is enormously time-saving.
Apart from objective statistics on attendance and discipline the software also monitors application use by keeping records of all websites and programs employees work with. It’s therefore a great way to get a good overview of how exactly the work time is distributed in the organization and whether it’s used productively or not.

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