Every employer has probably encountered the problem of monitoring working hours, latenesses or absenteeism. A popular solution is to install biometrical time and attendance systems. However, such systems have limited control functions compared to time tracking software. Continue reading to find out which system is best for your business.

What is Biometrical Time and Attendance software?

It is a tracking system that allows you to collect accurate time and attendance data.


Biometrical time and attendance solutions provide accurate information about employees` comes and goes tofrom work, lateness, absences or dinner breaks. They are perfect for government institutions, private enterprises, strategic objects, generally to any site that requires precise attendance control.
Such systems provide high level of security, because they scan fingerprints, retina or analyze voice.


The cost of such equipment is rather high and it usually goes with a number of related services. To install this technology you`re going need some time: you have to find a right place for it, install the software on a particular computer and provide space on a server for all necessary data. Don`t forget that any equipment has the ability to wear out and therefore needs maintenance.
To summarize all that`s been said above: biometrical systems are perfect if you need to control attendance and security control but the costs are high.

What is Yaware and Time Tracking Sofware?

If you want more options for control, then time tracking software is for you.
Yaware is an automatic time tracking tool that estimates employee productivity and provides detailed reports online. The system captures the time when an employee begins and finishes their work on any computer or mobile phone. Throughout the day you can see how often employees take breaks, meetings or personal issues. Yaware is great for companies where people work with computers or mobile phones.
Yaware divides all actions on a computer or mobile into categories:

  • productive – work-related,
  • neutral – related or non-related
  • unproductive – distracting (social networks, listening to music, etc.)

You can then see which applications and websites are commonly used and manually set the list of resources that to you believe are productive for each position in your company.

Is installing time tracking software complicated?

Yaware is fast and easy to install, and it doesn`t require servicing. Which means you don`t have to pay to expensive specialist to install the software.

How much does it cost?

We offer a flexible payment system for using our time tracking software. Monthly use for one employee will cost only 8$!

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