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Remote employees, freelancers, telecommuters are a gold mine for any company that is looking for ways to do more with less. They are an opportunity for businesses to take more clients and load without the need to look for a bigger office, get new equipment, etc.
However, such employees are often underestimated and overlooked. Mostly, companies hire freelancers to do a one-time job or to finish a project in time. But few of them let the remote workers be CEO’s, CMO’s, etc.
We say that remote employee monitoring can help you hire freelancers for a much longer period and make them an important part of your company.

The benefits of remote employee monitoring

Higher employee engagement

Because the remote employees don’t have live communication with the office, they feel less engaged and less a part of the team. So, they also might be less interested in company’s success.
The monitoring gives that feeling of presence. In a good way.
Because you see their work you can give proper feedback and appreciate employees’ efforts. So, they feel more motivated and goal-driven.

You know exactly what the employees do

One of the reasons, why so few companies trust freelancers to manage business processes or be the managers of units, is because there is no visibility of their work.
Skype calls and emails don’t give any certainty. The employee might seem totally productive by email or Skype, but in a time that you don’t communicate, get busy with something different.  
Remote employee monitoring allows you to get a clear picture of a working day of the remote employee. It is especially simple if you use Yaware.TimeTracker. The software automatically collects the information while the employee is working at the computer. You can see which resources s/he uses, their productivity status and also check the screenshots.
Screenshots are exceptionally useful in this case because you get to see the actual things that the employee does.  

You have yourself accurate data for payroll

Calculating the payment of a remote employee might be a major headache. No matter if you pay by fixed rate or by hourly rate.
In both cases, there are high risks of either underpaying or overpaying the employee.
Implementing remote employee monitoring allows you to keep the working hours under control. The time tracking software captures the exact amount of hours that employee has been working and then puts that data into the report.
With no effort, you pay your freelancer the salary s/he earned, and moreover, can use the time data to report to your clients.

Bottom line

Freelancing is a huge world of skilled and educated people. So go ahead and explore it! You’ve got technologies to help you.

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