How to Monitor Employee Computer Usage the Right Way

Managers decide to monitor employee computer usage for various reasons. Usually, simply to make sure that the corporate computer policies are not violated and that employees stay  productive.
However, monitoring software triggers a series of workplace and personal  issues, like loss of privacy and trust.
You might face the same issues if you chose the wrong tracking tool or use the generated data the wrong way.

How to choose the right tracking tool?

If you want to monitor employee computer usage, first of all, make it clear for yourself why you need it, and what you are going to do with all the information.
If you are not going to view the reports that the system generates for you to optimize the workflow or plan activities better, then there’s no point in monitoring.

What can monitoring data actually offer you?

Both you and your employees can benefit from computer monitoring, and here’s how:

  • improve time management skills – time is an abstract thing, that’s why it is much more difficult to manage. The monitoring data allows to see the work time and make managing easier.
  • eliminate time eaters – the employee time tracking tool enables employees to see what takes the most time and why. It is either they spend too much time on social media, on breaks, phone calls or because some activities take longer than they should.
  • reduce the mistakes related with manual data entry – it is a known fact, that employees don’t like to fill out their timesheets. If you decide to monitor employee computer usage, the system will automatically collect the information about employees start and stop time and attendance. So, you get accurate payroll data, and employee get the most accurate paycheck either.
  • make sure that any inappropriate content is distributed – this will both protect your business and employees. Computer monitoring helps to make sure that any adult or illegal content is either downloaded or distributed.

How to monitor employee computer usage the right way?

#1 Be honest about the fact that you want to monitor employee computer usage.  Not telling your employees that they are being monitored is the worst idea ever. If you love your employees, let them know about the monitoring and benefit from it.
#2 Be transparent about what you’re going to do with the monitoring information. If you want to control the compliance with computer policies, tell so. If you are looking for ways to increase productivity, tell so.
#3 Be reasonable about why your company needs it. It is very important to make sure that every employee understands why his/her computer is being monitored.
So, make sure that you understand the necessity of computer monitoring and have employees on the same page with you.
To learn more about employee computer monitoring check our prezi.

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