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Time tracking is a valuable idea for any business. For a small business it may be even more valuable for a number of reasons. It helps to optimize it for productivity right from the start.
Here’re a few ways a time tracker app enhances productivity of your small business.

Finding new customers faster

A typical problem for any small business is getting new customers. Why should people buy from you if they don’t know much about why your products are better than already existing ones? Obviously small businesses can attract the new clients by offering the service which is somehow better than everyone else’s. One great way to do this is speed up servicing and offer customers shorter deadlines.
A time tracker app helps you optimize time for each activity, balance workload and eliminate distractions. Once you know where your time goes and which activity takes how long, you can improve.

Precise billing

Another issue the time tracker app helps solve is project billing. Small businesses often find it hard to define how much they should charge. Unless they complete a few of similar projects, they lack concise figures. The time tracker app helps evaluate projects in terms of time which of course is great both for you and your clients. Not only you can calculate the fees correctly but also offer better deadlines.

Dealing with delays

The best way to handle delays is just schedule some time for them. How can you do this effectively, with not destroying your daily plans? Again, the time tracker app will help. While you can take possible delays into account while planning, you can also see how much time they are costing you.

Time tracker app translates time into profit

Tracking time means having accurate figures on performance and such data are priceless. This means less guesswork, deep insight into the ways your team works and accurate costs estimation.
The time tracker app like Yaware.TImeTracker is certainly more advantageous than other ways to measure your time and productivity because it’s fast, automatic and works on any device. If you happen to manage a small business, you will find that the stats it collects will serve you well at all times.

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