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Using Internet at work for personal use is a hot button topic. As social media continue being the primary form of communication for the majority of people, it becomes more and more difficult to keep employees focused at their workplaces. It is a challenge for the company to establish a proper workplace balance that will allow to use internet for personal needs without influencing company efficiency. However, this issue can be resolved with the help of Yaware.TimeTracker, that is the great software for employee internet monitoring.
Here are the strategies, that managers can use to strike a balance between employees’ satisfaction and work efficiency.

  1. You have to admit that employees will use the Internet at work for personal use. Set restrictions on the time that employees are allowed to span on personal email, etc. Because there are different life situations, that might require immediate reaction.
  2. Use Yaware for measurement and reporting on the Internet usage. This tool allows to assess the situation and see which websites are used most frequently by each employee.
  3. Respect your employees. Don’t make public announcements to shame those, who visit non work-related websites or spend too much time on the Internet. Speak to them in private to discuss the situation.
  4. Explain the disadvantages of personal Internet usage at work. For example, watching movies can slow down the CRM system, that will negatively affect the work of all employees.
  5. Consider different access levels to particular websites for each department or individual. For example, you can`t imagine the work of the marketing department without social media, while the IT department doesn`t have to promote the brand, so they can be restricted from using social media.

Time tracking and employee Internet monitoring allows to see the difference between an over-worked, stressed-out team and a well-oiled project machine. Yaware will help you plan appropriately taking into account the capacity of your company and employees, and give enough room to complete high-priority tasks in a timely manner.

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