In a financial crisis, managers are trying to solve the company's problems by sometimes dismissing staff. It has its own meaning. After all, wages take up 40% of a company's income. That's why the first thing that managers think about when they need to cut costs is dismissing employees.
But it is not always the right thing to do.
First of all, a financial crisis is very complex phenomenon and you need a whole team of professionals to overcome it.
Secondly, during the crisis the most effective and affordable mechanism is the optimization of business processes rather than downsizing.

What can be done?

Optimize the performance of employees

Instead of reducing the number of employees, you can increase the amount of work they do. And you can do this can safely and fairly.
Analyze the performance of your employees using YawareTimeTracker. This time tracking software enables you to evaluate the level of workload and assign tasks to employees who have less to do than the others..
Your staff will manage to do more during the same time period.

Transfer the work of your employees to remote places

Yaware.TimeTracker is easy to install on remote computers. This will enable you to control remote employees as if they were sitting in the office next to you.
Two seemingly simple solutions. However, they don't come to mind to everyone. Many managers due to stress, pull out the sword and start chopping. But to maintain the loyalty of employees in the company is no less important than loyalty and commitment of customers.
Just imagine how grateful your employees will be that you met their needs and saved them from dismissal. They will be the most faithful and efficient employees in the world.
Unfortunately, there are some situations that you do need to reduce staff. With the help of Yaware.TimeTracker, managers can easily define the productivity of each employee separately and leave only the most efficient ones.

Manage your crisis with time tracking software

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