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Optimizing your business for productivity is the first thing to do if you want to see it thriving. Every business owner or manager often question himself about how more work can be done faster.
<p.However, in the process of consistent effort to reach new goals and deadlines, you can find your employees overwhelmed with their jobs. In which case, no one in the company is going to benefit neither in a short, nor in a long run.
Reduced productivity, low employee engagement and poorer quality of work – these are just a few bad signs that your team is overloaded. If it comes to this, it’s high time to review your approach to organizing the workload.
What are the best tools to deal with the issue of ineffective workload? One of the quickest and easiest solutions is web-based time tracking with Yaware.TimeTracker.

Benefits for you and your team

Tracking time has many benefits in the first place. Not only you can master your time successfully by making it efficient, but also productivity gets higher by eliminating distractions, managing schedules more effectively and optimizing time assigned for each task.
Web-based time tracking time provide you with even more of them, for example:

  • saving time. You don’t have to collect and process data on time and productivity manually;


  • higher workplace flexibility. You can objectively assess productivity of employees on different employment schemes (part-time, flexitime, etc.);


  • efficient team collaboration. You can easily connect your remote staff with office employees and share vital data on their performance;


  • environmentally friendly business conduct. You don’t need timesheets which helps you create a paperless office;


  • increased productivity. You have a deep insight into how your team works and so can help them grow and improve.


How exactly does a web-based time tracking app help you optimize the workload?

First of all, it automatically tracks time and productivity of your team. You will precisely know where the time goes and which activities are the most time-consuming.
To get a full picture on your team’s productivity you’ll also need to know what resources they’re using to perform the tasks. Are they productive? Do they help to speed up performance or just take away time at work? Web-based time tracking with Yaware.TimeTracker will help you find answers to these questions. It not only tracks Internet and software use but also categorizes it in productive, unproductive and neutral groups.
Second of all, you will see who works late hours and which project takes longer than planned and why. To sum up, you will get accurate figures on what makes your team overloaded and what holds them back from moving forward quickly.

Maximize performance

Once you have these figures right in front of you, it’s easier to balance the workload so everyone stays productive and motivated by sense of achievement. You can do this together with your team, listening to their suggestions and engaging them.
One more benefit the web-based time tracking like Yaware.TimeTracker provides you with is a real help in establishing objective standards of performance. Now you have both your employees suggestions and real-time data on where the time goes. That’s more than enough to drive more productivity and value to your business.
Once you’ve balanced at least some of your workload, you will see a significant difference in your team’s performance. Higher motivation and engagement, increased quality of work and morale boost will definitely level up your business productivity.

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