Every manager has probably encountered the problem of tracking employee attendance. One of the most popular solutions that employers decide to use is biometric attendance system. Hovewer, biometric systems have limited functions, compared to automatc time tracking software.

What is a biometric solution?

It is a kind of a tracking system that uses fingerprints, palms, face, iris or voice to identity an employee and record the time s/he arrives and leaves work.


Biometric solutions provide you with accurate data on employees’ arrival and departure, duration of lunchbreaks, etc. They also provide a high level of security, so they are perfect for governmental institutions, private enterprises, strategic objects, generally to any site that requires precise attendance control.


The cost of such equipment is rather high and it usually goes with a number of related services. To install the system you`re going to need some time: you have to find a right place for it, install the software on a particular computer and provide space on a server for all necessary data. Don`t forget that any equipment has the ability to wear out and therefore needs maintenance.
To summarize all that`s been said above: biometric systems are perfect if you need to control attendance and security, and nothing else.

How is automatic time tracking software different?

If you are looking for more than just attendance control, but also want know what employees do during the workday, then automatic time tracking software is a great fit.
Yaware.TimeTracker is an automatic time tracking software that estimates employee productivity and provides detailed reports online. The system captures the time when an employee begins and finishes the work at the computer. Throughout the day you can see how often employees take breaks, go to meetings or how often they have phone calls. Yaware.TimeTracker is perfect for companies where people work at computers.
The system divides all used resources into three categories:

  • productive – work-related
  • neutral – related or non-related
  • unproductive – distracting (social networks, online games, etc.)

This enables both you and employees to see where the time goes, allocate time losses and unproductive activities.
Because time is abstractive, it is much harder to manage. But Yaware.TimeTracker makes it visual, by providing you and your employees with accurate reports.

Is installing automatic time tracking software complicated?

Yaware.TimeTracker is fast and easy to install, and it doesn`t require servicing. Which means you don`t have to pay to expensive specialist to install the software.

How much does it cost?

We offer a flexible payment system for using our time tracking software. Monthly use for one employee will cost only 8$!

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