Despite growing popularity of remote and flextime employment schemes attendance is still an important issue for many companies. If you have ever tried to do it manually, you must know how ineffective it is – it takes much time and increases paperwork but the result is hardly noticeable.
Fortunately, there’s an alternative that can be applicable to any business. These days tracking employee attendance can be done automatically in a flick of time. If you want to save HR managers’ time, speed up performance and increase productivity across entire company time tracking software can be a good point to start.
What if you still follow old practices and performance in your company can be enhanced if you use something more advanced? This Prezi shows you the benefits of tracking time and attendance automatically.

Why is it better to track employee attendance automatically?

While such well-known benefits as saved time and reduced costs are the first to come to mind, there is also a number of the other good things automatic tracking provides:

  • easier schedule management;
  • creating productive work routine;
  • objective assessment of new staff on the team;
  • reliable data to develop effective employee satisfaction programs;
  • better talent management;
  • increased accountability.

The whole idea of tracking employee attendance is not about simply getting records of who came when.  It’s about helping people work better by organizing comfortable work schedule, defining their core working hours and fairly rewarding them for achievements.
Check out the slideshow to see what could work best for your business and team.

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