When you run a business there are always “a thousand and one” things to do and keep in mind at once. Being “your own boss” in this case means having almost no time off because of the constant flood of tasks that can’t wait. Moreover, while you aren’t controlled by anyone, you’ve got to control many aspects of your enterprise and the work of all employees, which is always tiresome and seldom – effective.
Sooner or later, most business owners face the dilemma – to go on trying to handle everything on their own and forget about their business growth or delegate some of the tasks to others and concentrate on building the enterprise and pursuing new goals. The challenge here lies in the fact that finding the right people for the job is tough. Other than that, people “at the steering wheel” often seek an answer to one question: even if you’re lucky to hire good professionals, what’s the guarantee that they will work as they should? In fact, there’s no guarantee and there’s always a certain percent of risk in such matters. But instead of taking chances, there’s a better solution – implementing a time tracking service to control the work of employees.

Time tracking service: key benefits for a business owner

    1. Effective employee management

Some time ago, it was a common practice to hire an assistant who managed employees and was in charge of their productivity. However, this meant additional expenses, plus didn’t guarantee objectivity or exclude human error factor.
Time tracking software is much cheaper and reliable since it cannot be deceived and doesn’t require any attendance – it is switched on and off along with the employee computer and records all activity throughout the day – when they start and finish work, which websites or software they use and what they do away from the PC.
This way, the person in charge can easily get the information on how diligent and productive a certain employee is based on the numbers. It takes a few clicks to find out who is the most and least productive in a department or the whole company, who spends too much time for personal matters and who is overworked.
Similarly, a time tracking service is helpful in terms of rewards and promotions as it shows clearly who is worth to climb the career ladder and who has to work harder for it.

    1. Delegating employee management

At a certain point, a company head may get too busy to control the staff on his/her own, especially in a big enterprise with multiple offices around the city or country. In this case, a time tracker can come in handy, too. It allows to configure access levels for middle managers so that they could view the data only on certain office/department/team etc. Thanks to the reports feature, they can inform the top management on the efficiency of their subordinates. At the same time, in case of the need, a director can access data on any employee due to the unlimited access rights.
This frees up the business owner time for more important tasks that cannot be delegated, but allows to retain the full control over the overall employee performance.

    1. Boosting productivity

Based on the time tracker reports, it is easier to pinpoint the most time consuming tasks for certain departments or teams. This can be the starting point of optimizing the work by finding more effective tools to speed up task completion.
Similarly, the app allows to find out who works too slowly. By taking appropriate measures, employees can be motivated to be more productive. The mere fact of their work time being tracked is often a strong motivation for the staff to become more disciplined and perform their duties better.

    1. Controlling employees on the go

The time tracker service developers recognize that business people are often compelled to travel a lot. So, it can be easily installed on Android or iOS devices and enables instant access to the employee data from any spot on Earth with an Internet connection. There’s also the opportunity to configure daily/weekly/monthly email reports to save time.

Wrapping up

Obviously, a time tracking app can work to your company benefit, so don’t lose the precious time and try Yaware.TimeTracker out for 14 days at no cost at all!

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