Accurate time and attendance tracking is an important enterprise function. It allows to ensure that payroll is processed quickly, labor regulations are complied with, and a company’s attendance and time-off policies are enforced. Yet, time tracking is the least favorite thing to do by employees.
Relying on manual time tracking methods nowadays is beside the purpose. It causes inefficient work and gives inaccurate information about employees` work. That`s why modern companies are successfully moving these processes off of desktops and on to cloud-based attendance and time tracking software.

4 reasons to use attendance and time tracking software

1. Manual time tracking doesn`t work anymore

With a big number of employees, manual time and attendance tracking can become sluggish and inaccurate.
Let` say that you have 20 employees working for you. To get basic payroll information collected on a weekly basis, you’d have to gather 20 pieces of paper from numerous places, get them validated by several layers of management, and then try to consolidate the data. Needless to say, that a manual method is rife with opportunity for errors, and doubles the time required to process the data.
Of course, you could limit this to an extent by resorting to Excel-based spreadsheets for data capture, but that would only eliminate a portion of the transcription chores and errors. There would still be the slow and inefficient importing to other applications, and ensuring that everyone’s pay and time off are issued and accounted for correctly.

2. You get a complete, accurate, and current data about employee performance

Using attendance and time tracking software, the possibility of mistakes and incorrectly collected data is close to zero. There`s no chance that the information will be lost like it could happen if you were tracking time manually.
Also, because most applications collect data automatically, you always have up-to-date, accurate information, that you can access any time.

3. Cloud based solutions are everything

The traditional way of running business applications — on expensive, internal hardware that you monitor and maintain yourself — is becoming a thing of the past. If you follow the trends in cloud computing, then you should know about Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and the advantages of cloud-based applications for businesses that are too great to ignore.

4. Easy reporting

Many companies still avoid using attendance and time tracking software saying that it`s difficult to use and that they don`t have time for time tracking.
However, such software is a great time-saver. Remember what we told you? Manual time tracking methods don`t work anymore. So instead of going around the office and collecting all the unnecessary paper, analyze the data, sitting comfortably in your chair. And let your managers do the same.


Modern companies no longer track time and attendance using old methods like manual time tracking or hardware attendance and time tracking applications. And there`s a number of reasons listed above.
Choose the right cloud-based attendance and time tracking software, and make tracking fast, simple and hassle free.

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