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There is such a thing called business productivity software, and automatic time tracking software is a great part of it.
Any business can benefit from time tracking because it comes in all different forms and shapes. E.g., a barista who tracks how long it takes to make a coffee and attempts to increase the speed of servicing, also practices time tracking. An automatic piece of software, though, is more beneficial to specific industries, such as Internet marketing, IT, sales, copywriting, finance and law.
If you were mentioned above or, in general, the employees in your company spend at least half of the day at the computer, then make sure to go through this list.

Three bright signs you need automatic time tracking software

The internet is a natural working environment for you

Let’s just admit that we can’t work without The Internet. Not only it’s the source of information, but it’s also a place for business and promotion.
You can’t argue with the fact that The Internet has become our everything: not only a part of our private life but also a part of our work. But as well as it makes our life easier, it also turns out to be major distraction.
About 38% of employees waste 1-2 hours a day. And the reason for that is not Facebook, as you might have thought, but Google.
But, hey, hey! Hold back with banning The internet in your office. Just use an automatic time tracking software like Yaware.TimeTracker to keep Internet use under control.

You don’t have a clue about productivity rate within your company

Employee productivity is a very important parameter of any business. Good employee productivity provides good results, poor productivity leads to a catastrophe.
The reasons for low productivity are:

  • you are not motivating your employees;
  • you don’t praise their work;
  • employee time management skills leave much to be desired;
  • you don’t know the workload of the departments.

A time tracking software can help you easily gain the following information. E.g., Yaware.TimeTracker automatically evaluates the productivity of employees’ work. The software divides all websites and resources into productive, unproductive and neutral categories.
In the end you see this:

automatic time tracking software
Report: Activities – By Employee

Green color if productive time, red is unproductive and gray is neutral. Such color scheme allows you to evaluate the productivity very fast and quite accurately.
Which employees tend to practice cyberslacking? Who spends way too much time at work? Who does the best job and has the most productive hours? Now you can answer all these questions.

It takes you a while to calculate payroll

Oh, don’t you love the pay day? That happy time when employees get a reward for their work.
Probably not, because of all the hassle that you get to experience to get ready for this day.
The reason for why calculating payroll is painful is because you don’t have a single source of time and attendance data.
You most likely still use paper time cards to track time and attendance, which is pretty old school, and have someone from the accounting going through the time cards.
Automatic time tracking software is a much better option here. Why? First thing first, it’s automatic. Employees don’t have to log their time manually, they just do their job.  Second thing is that no one from accounting doesn’t have to collect the time cards and transfer the data from paper to digital. All the necessary numbers are already digital, located in a centralized database.
So, with automatic time tracking you save time and eliminate errors that occur during calculations.

Bottom line

Even if the single paragraph is true for you, then you should consider implementing time tracking in your company. Every single point of this list is a way for losing money and productivity. So, don’t lose, but gain. Gain free time, better time management skills and higher productivity.

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