The question that employers often pop up is “Why should my team track time?” or “Why should I track time of my team?”. Or another great one: “How do I convince my team to track time?”.
While you could bribe your employees with chocolate chip cookies or Pizza Fridays, team time tracking should not require convincing.
Tracking time is as important as a the ability to manage it. Team members get to know their distractions and time-eaters what gives a great opportunity to grow.
But except for that, there are other reasons for why team time tracking is so essential nowadays.

1) Financial Benefits

The financial benefits of team time tracking are obvious. And they not only relate to you as a business owner but also affect employees:
If using an automatic time tracking software, there’s no way to cheat and change the data. So the paychecks become the most accurate than ever before.
A good time tracking app does most of the work (like collecting the data and building reports). All that’s left to do is analyze the information. So, there’s no need to hire additional personnel.
Using a time tracker that monitors software use, like Yaware.TimeTracker, you can see if there is any unutilized software that you pay for. You can save money on expensive apps that have no popularity among employees and save money.
Time tracking helps to streamline payroll calculation because the accounting has accurate information about worked time at disposal.

2) Managerial Benefits

  • Facilitate good changes: Seeing where employees spend their time, what distracts them and how their productivity changes allows you to adjust the workflow and make changes for better.
  • Build awesome reports: How to build a report quickly yet accurately? Log into your time tracker and go through the reports to extract the data. Both your clients and top management will be happy that in a short period of time you can provide a full insight into team’s work and data needed for invoicing.
  • Provide help when someone needs it: time tracking can help you see which team members are overloaded and either need more time to finish the work, or they need help from the co-workers who have more free time.

3) Personal Benefits

The benefits of team time tracking extend much further than the accounting department and management office. And here’s a simple list to remind that it is a good idea:

  • Get noticed: time tracking data reveals the astonishing job of the hard working employees. So if one has been pushing to increase the salary, then time tracking is a great chance. It’s easy to show exactly what one have been working on, how long it tool, and even how much revenue it created for the company.
  • Get a better control of your time: it is much easier to manage one’s time when it’s being tracked. Having historical data allows to analyze the productivity of time use throughout a certain period, see how it’s been changing and figure out what one could do to become more productive.

4) Corporate Morale

Any team that wants to be productive has to be on the same page. And that means that not only team members have to share a common goal, but they also have to work at the same time.
That’s why keeping a good time and attendance policy is important. And can help do that better than an automatic time tracking application.


Team time tracking can make a huge difference between tired, burnt out employees and well-oiled working machine. Time tracking will help you build realistic plans that fit the capacity of your team and free up some time for other important activities.

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