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According to the 2014 report of the International Telecommunications Union (the branch of the United Nations Organization responsible for studying the growth and impact of technologies over the everyday life and economy) the global use of the Internet across the world is 6.6%.
Most of this number emerges largely due to developing countries. Internet use is increasing by both businesses and individuals.

Companies and real time website monitoring

What does this mean directly for organizations? Internet is the source of enormous business opportunities. These days literally no company can view itself as a modern and dynamic one if it’s not using Internet to some extent.
Along with endless possibilities, Internet is also a source of distractions at the workplaces. International Data Corporation (IDC) studied that 30% to 40% of the work time spent on Internet is not related to the job responsibilities of employees.
That's why employers decide to use a time tracking software in order to control employee time and computer usage in real time, and help employees increase productivity by themselves.

How can real time website monitoring software help employees work productively?

Real time website monitoring software is developed to track the working time at the computer, including software and Internet usage.
When we work at the computer, time passes quickly without even noticing. That's why it is easy to spend 2 hours on social networks, while it felt like 15-20 min.
Real time monitoring helps to make time visual. Because the software provides employees with reports, employees can literally see where their time goes. Such systems automatically categorizes applications and websites to productive, unproductive and neutral. Employees not only can see the distribution of their time, but also estimate their productivity.
By monitoring real time activities, employers also get a chance to find out how employees distribute their time, which applications and websites they use. Thereby the company can develop a policy on Internet use at the workplace, determine which employees work overtime, find out the reason and redistribute the workload to those who lack work. All these actions will help to optimize the working process and increase employee productivity.
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