If you're reading this, then you know how free Internet access at work can affect employee productivity.
This leads to the fact that tasks are sometimes either executed slowly or not executed at all. As a result, the overall productivity of the company suffers.

How do you monitor computer internet usage?

Most employers think that it`s better to block access to certain websites, like social media.
However, this method has a couple of significant drawbacks:

  1. Employees still can visit social media websites, etc. using tablets or smartphones.
  2. If you decide to block social media, you will block a powerful tool for promotion of your business.

Instead of blocking websites, keep the Internet usage under control. To monitor employee internet usage install Yaware.TimeTracker.

Let the network work for you

Install Yaware.TimeTracker on every computer or mobile phone that should be monitored. After that, the application will monitor employee Internet usage and track websites: capture all visited websites, and automatically determine their productivity.

How does Yaware.TimeTracker analyzes websites?

The database contains more than 15,000 websites and applications, that are automatically sorted by groups: business, entertainment, office applications, etc.
Each group refers to one of three categories: “productive”, “unproductive”, “neutral”.
Productive websites are needed for daily activities. Neutral are also work-related, but they`re visited less than productive. Unproductive websites, respectively, are the ones that distract employees from work.

What does it mean?

For example, an employee uses the website which relates to the group “Development Management”. This website group is essential for work, that means it belongs to the productive category and will be marked in green in the following report:

Report: Activities “By Categories”

On the other hand, websites that distract from work (e.g. social networks and horoscopes) will be marked in red. In that way they are eye-catchy and you can easily notice them. In addition, you get to find out how much time an employee has spent on a specific website. As a result you get a clear vision of how the working day of the employee looks like.
You can customize the categories for each employee individually. For example, make a website with stock photos productive for designer, and unproductive for an accountant.
This approach allows to evaluate the productivity of each employee accurately.


If you decide to monitor employee Internet usage with the help of time tracking software, you will get the most accurate picture of an employee`s working day and a way to increase employee productivity.

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