Yaware.TimeTracker vs Mirobase

What is Mirobase?

Mirobase is a system that monitors the actions of employees, automatically records all activities, analyzes the collected information and provides a report to the manager.

What Is Yaware.TimeTracker?

Yaware.TimeTracker is an automatic time tracking system that allows you to track and evaluate the effectiveness of employees working at computers. The system gives a complete picture of the working day and allows you to strengthen discipline, optimize the work of employees and effectively manage the company with minimal time.

Protection of confidential information

Yaware.TimeTracker generates more than 18 reports in the form of graphs and tables that allow you to study in detail the behavior and productivity of each employee, department or the whole company. Among the main reports:

  • “Operational summary” – shows what the staff is doing at the moment.
  • “Rating” – which of the employees was the most productive or who was absent from the workplace.
  • “Compliance with the work schedule” – shows who and when was the most late, left earlier than allowed or stayed after work.
  • “Activity report” – a detailed description of the activities of employees with a division into productive, unproductive and neutral. 
  • “Dynamics” – demonstrates the dynamics of employees, departments or the company for a certain period of time.

Technical maintenance

Yaware.TimeTracker – The administrator of the customer company controls whether the server itself is working or not. Technical malfunctions are eliminated by Yaware specialists. The administrator can do other things at this time. Mirobase – control over the server settings and its maintenance is carried out by the company administrator.

Controlling actions of employees

n Yaware.TimeTracker there are functions for monitoring the efficiency of employees. However, the program is more focused on self-control and motivation. And it can help managers to solve problem situations at the stage of their formation. Mirobase has the functions of full control over the actions of employees.

Vulnerability to interference in the program by third parties

Yaware.TimeTracker databases are located on Amazon AWS servers. The server works in isolation, only authorized Yaware technical administrators have access to it. Mirobase system administrator software settings can be installed on any computer. Other programs for work can be installed on it. That is the reason for the penetration of third parties or viruses into the system.

Vulnerability to viruses

Yaware.TimeTracker server works in isolation, based on Linux. Virus programs are almost never created for this operating system, unlike Windows. This allows you to concentrate on solving issues related to the organization of working time. And not on protection against possible virus infections. Mirobase runs on Windows (the operating system is considered vulnerable to viruses).


Yaware.TimeTracker is an opportunity to increase the productivity of company employees and maintain discipline in the team. At the same time, the threats of loss of confidential data and penetration of third parties to the server (where the software is located) are reduced to almost 0. Company owners have access only to the information that is necessary to analyze the work on projects.


Yaware.TimeTracker does not collect sensitive, potentially dangerous information (geoposition of workers, passwords, etc.). This is the reason for the trust of both the company's team and its customers.

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