The world has been transformed by a pandemic that's had an immense, transformative effect on businesses. But many companies are still struggling to adapt in the face of rapid changes — it takes equally rapid action for any company not only to survive but also thrive during these times! Those who did, were able to do so by moving their operations online where they could continue doing business; though this comes at a great cost because staying afloat requires money as well as human resources such as employees or skilled contractors.

Hence one of the most requested tools in now remote companies is employee monitoring software. While there are many on the market today, their features, options, integration options, and price ranges vary greatly, so it's important to do thorough research before committing to a single solution long-term.

The introduction of such software in the company has the following advantages:

  • Accurate employee timesheet
  • Accurate performance measurement
  • Effortless project management
  • Fair staff compensation and customer billing

Let's take a look at how each of the advantages can help your company maintain business continuity when working remotely as well as when working in the office.

Accurate timesheet

One of the main functions of every employee productivity monitoring software is to keep track of employee working hours. Having accurate information about when and how long employees work for allows your company to quickly and efficiently optimize internal processes. Instead of keeping records to control your employees, this type of tool makes it easier to create and maintain a balanced work environment in the long run.

Employee time monitoring software not only helps to establish transparent team relationships but also facilitates employee management. Especially when working remotely and managing staff, less experienced team leaders may have trouble keeping employees in check. Therefore, modern solutions that track the time of work and attendance of employees should be in their toolkit. Even in cases where workers return to the office, it is easier to control and motivate them to work.

How much time is spent on each project or specific task? The time tracker will provide information that a company can use to evaluate performance at all levels and find the best way to improve performance.

This is true at all levels—individual, team, and corporate—but it is only by seeing the interconnection between all segments that companies can truly make the best use of information. By gaining first hand insight into what slows down activity in the workplace, leaders can eliminate process bottlenecks, address misunderstandings, and provide alternative resources to achieve better results.

In this regard, employee performance management software has a direct impact on spreading the workload among the employees more efficiently and ensuring that all team members work together and within their capabilities. Teams can also use these tools to improve their working relationships and achieve coherence, especially when the progress of the entire project depends on the punctuality and responsiveness of all members.

Evaluation of current activities also influences how future projects are formulated, assigned, monitored, and carried out. Team members with special affinities and specialties are now more likely to get assigned tasks that they would perform well at, which should also increase productivity levels.

With some employee monitoring programs, such as Yaware TimeTracker, you can determine which activities are productive, unproductive, or neutral for each employee individually, or entire teams — all per their job responsibilities. Thus, the information that you receive from the time tracker allows you to remove unnecessary activities throughout the working day and increase the efficiency of each employee.

Easy project management

Effective project management is a very important part of establishing a standardized level of employee productivity in an organization. A time-tracking project management tool can be especially useful when your company is juggling multiple important projects at the same time.

For example, marketing agencies or law firms have many clients they work with that require the use of different resources. To be able to keep track of the time spent on each segment and successfully stick to the schedule, it would be wise for these companies to implement modern technologies that provide accurate and up-to-date information needed to complete projects on time and with expected results.

Complex projects tend to be broken down into many tasks to better understand the progress and cause and effect relationships between specific tasks, but this can also make it difficult to complete them in chronological order. This is where project tracking software is essential as it displays all the intricate details both individually, and on a large scale, and allows for small and large shifts in the average project's strategy. Moreover, such tools allow optimizing processes at all levels, which is especially important at a time when the stability of the company is called into question by both internal and external forces. If a company seeks or claims to be flexible in doing business, then having funds to optimize operational processes is a must.

Fair staff pay and customer billing

With automated time tracking, employees are confident that they will be paid fair and accurate wages, whether they work on a contract basis or as freelancers.

Companies can document their efforts in real-time, base their prices on actual data rather than estimates, and provide proof of work to their customers at any time. In addition, both parties having direct access to all this data provide the best communication channels and lay the foundation for a long-term relationship.


Regardless of the type of work environment your company currently operates in, choosing the right employee monitoring software always depends on your needs and how you expect them to be addressed. Be sure to evaluate them all as a whole – only then can you see the value of such tools for your company and its growth.

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