Startups, time management, time tracking… The meaning of these words has one thing in common – increasing efficiency by eliminating unnecessary actions, costs and waste, which makes the company more profitable.

What manager would not want this for their company?

However, we want to share with you 2 main reasons why time tracking can be frustrating. Every project manager who is thinking about implementing time tracking should review them and take some time to think about them.


  • Time tracking is a distraction

Many employees spend too much time tracking their work. They claim that it's not because they are bad at it or anything like that. There are just so many other things to do! And trying to get everything done can be a huge drain on your time and mental energy.

Also, monitoring your working time can be somewhat distracting from your current tasks. Wouldn't you agree that it would be annoying if you manually recorded all working hours in a paper time sheet or in the system? 

But! The idea of time tracking is not to distract someone from work. If you are tracking time correctly, this will not happen. In fact, the reason you feel distracted may be that you are simply using the wrong software. 

If you use automatic time tracking software, the problem is solved. Time management becomes easier, employees just spend their time on their tasks and the program keeps track of their time automatically.

Yaware.TimeTracker is a great solution to this problem!


  • Time tracking is a bad motivator

People need freedom in their tasks and projects to feel motivated. They do not like to be watched and controlled. They want to be trusted. 

But! Do we understand freedom correctly? If in most companies the working day starts at 9 am and ends at 5 pm, employees spend this time in offices or at computers at home, right? Where is the freedom here?

Thanks to the time tracking system, you can switch to a flexible work schedule and allow your employees to work when it is convenient for them. Of course, if they don't need to be in meetings or talking to clients.

Automated accounting of working time will also allow managers to stop constantly asking about the status of projects. They will be able to check it in the program, thus saving their time and the time of the whole team. No employee will feel interrogated.


So, why is time tracking bad? Wrong question! 

The right one is: when is time tracking bad? 

It's simple. When employees track their time manually with Excel spreadsheets using the wrong systems set up by project managers, it doesn't make sense.

If you use a good time tracking software like Yaware.TimeTracker, you will not face any problems. Only solutions!

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