Time tracking is becoming an increasingly popular tool for companies and employees in today's business environment. However, is this approach truly beneficial, or does it become a hindrance to productivity and the creative process?


For many companies, time tracking is an important management tool. It allows you to control labor costs, analyze productivity and identify the possibility of optimizing work processes. In addition, for employees, it can be a way to identify their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as an opportunity to improve self-discipline and organization.


However, some people find that tracking work hours can be a hindrance to the creative process. It can cause stress and a feeling of being monitored, which negatively affects motivation and the level of job satisfaction. Also, it does not always take into account the context and personal characteristics of the employee, which can lead to an underestimation of his contribution. Therefore, it is important to balance the use of time tracking tools with maintaining flexibility and trust with employees.


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