Personal Productivity Monitoring

Today, work of every specialist, including the marketer, includes the issue of personal productivity control. The main problems that an employee faces when performing a particular task is switching attention, when they dont work at full capacity.
In line with this, it can be concluded that personal productivity implies an exact focus on the implementation of a specific task to the maximum extent. Therefore, experts in the field of psychology often prioritize the issues of monitoring of personal effectiveness.
At this stage, thanks to the achievements in the field of innovative technologies, there have been developed a lot of time tracking solutions that allow you to monitor employees activity at each stage, detect errors and quickly eliminate them. One of these solutions is Yaware.TimeTracker with its impressive list of functions. Many leading companies and corporations use this system to control working time.

Importance of Monitoring and Improving of Personal Productivity

In their work, marketers is responsible for implementation of the marketing strategy, i.e. the whole process. They manage the work of contractors and full-time employees. For them, the monitoring of personal productivity, as well as the effectiveness of the whole team, comes first.
Personal productivity allows understanding:

  • how fast the task is performed;
  • how fast a person is able to climb the career ladder;
  • how quickly an employee receives and processes new information;
  • whether an employee can achieve the goals set.

Personal productivity influence performance. An inefficient employee or one who has low efficiency level is always lagging behind his colleagues, who successfully use their potential to perform tasks. That is why it is so important to use the time tracking software to exclude incompetent employees or, if they show good results in some field, try to help them.

What the System Offers

Monitoring of productivity in the workplace influence primarily the completion of the task. The main problem is the efficient use of time. Sometimes it happens that at work the first 2 hours are the most productive for an employee. During this time, they do the maximum number of tasks, and this does not affect their quality. Another employee uses the last 3 hours of work most effectively. Sometimes it is difficult to identify the cause of this problem, and in this case the time monitoring system comes to the rescue.
The list of special features of the program includes:

  1. Working time logging.
  2. Dividing of programs and sites into productive and unproductive.
  3. Monitoring of what an employee does during the day.
  4. Analysis of what distracts a person while they work on a task.
  5. Estimation of time spent away from computer.

The time tracking system offers you a chance to look at yourself from the outside, which allows you to notice which tasks take more time, what factors distract you, and during which periods the focus on work decreases. It is much easier to deal with inefficiency, when a person sees and knows its causes.

Best Time Monitoring Program

Yaware.TimeTracker is a highly demanded program that helps to deal with professional problems, increase personal productivity, and identify weaknesses. It is easy to use, easy to install, it operates in several modes, hidden and open.
You can test the time tracker and appreciate the full set of its services. Free trial period is 14 days

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