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Time tracking is a valuable approach for many businesses. Whether you need to optimize your performance for productivity or track employee hours to see where the time goes, a time tracking app is a good option to consider.
It takes a lot to make daily workflow run smoothly. Hectic schedules and bad planning reduces productivity of your staff. This leads to productivity gaps – an unutilized time which just takes away energy and focus.
To make sure that your team’s performance is productive you need to avoid productivity gaps. In this article you’ll see how a tool that tracks employee hours can help.

Don’t strive for 100% productivity

It’s impossible to be productive all day long. People naturally get tired from work and need some time or a change of activity to recharge and get back to performing the tasks.
One of the great things about the time tracking app like Yaware.TimeTracker is that it precisely shows where people are most and least productive throughout the day. By tracking their overall time and resources they use for work it provides a real-time data on performance.
So rather than aiming to reach 100% productivity every day, it’s better to accept the limitations and make the most of the time. For example, one can use the right tools to speed up performance or allow flexible schedules.

Plan better

Tracking employee hours is not about having all day planned down to the minute. This is about discovering the real pace of work, finding out what takes longer and deciding how to improve performance.
It’s also about discovering the best ratio of work and rest. This is one of the best ways to avoid productivity gaps. Just schedule the right time for breaks – there’s no point to struggle to complete the task if a 20 mins break can help recharge and do everything quickly afterwards.

Track employee hours automatically

БNow that you know tracking the time is the best way to bridge productivity gaps next step is to make sure it doesn’t take you long and doesn’t distract your staff. An automatic time tracking app like Yaware.TimeTracker is a good tool to achieve this goal.

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