All of you probably know about tools like Yaware.TimeTracker and Jira that make your work and the work of your employees more productive and comfortable. But what if we told you about the integration of Yaware.TimeTracker with Jira?


Now let's take a quick look at each of the tools! 


What are the possibilities with Yaware.TimeTracker?

With Yaware.TimeTracker, you'll find out:

  • the length of the employees' working day
  • what resources employees use to perform a specific task
  • how much time is spent on a task
  • when there are difficulties in performing a task and help is needed
  • what distracts employees and prevents them from moving forward


The main features of Jira

  • Project tracking: Jira helps you manage tasks and track issues and errors that may occur during the execution of tasks in real time. This helps project managers make sure they stay on track.

  • Flexible management: Jira offers features like scrum boards, kanban boards, and flexible reports that help teams organize and prioritize their work.
  • Reporting: Jira provides a number of reporting options, including velocity charts and sprint reports. These reports help teams understand their progress and identify areas where they can improve.


So, what benefits will you get by using the Yaware.TimeTracker integration with Jira?

Integrating Yaware.TimeTracker with Jira is a good solution for you and your team, especially if you usually use these two tools together.


  • Improved project management

By integrating Yaware.TimeTracker with Jira, you can better understand how much time you and your team spend on different tasks and projects. This information will help you identify areas where you can improve your efficiency and productivity.

  • Improved time tracking

Integration can also help you optimize your workflow as you can monitor time directly from Jira. This means that you don't have to switch between different time tracking tools, which Yaware.TimeTracker and Jira can save you time and increase accuracy.

  • Higher transparency

This way you can see more transparently how team members spend their time. This can help you or managers identify potential problematic areas where team members may need additional support, training, or assistance.

  • Improved reporting

Since Yaware.TimeTracker provides detailed reports on the time spent on various tasks and projects, integration with Jira can help you get even more information about how time is spent. This data is more detailed and specific, making it easier for managers to make decisions about identifying problem areas and improving them.

  • Even higher workflow optimization

The process of time monitoring with Yaware.TimeTracker is already automated. But by integrating it with Jira, team members can focus 100% on their work without worrying about switching between different applications. After all, from time to time you want to review your work results, and now you can do it with one tool. This will significantly save your employees' time, and thus help increase overall efficiency and productivity.


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