Motivation is crucial for success in any sphere of life. It helps us overcome obstacles, stay focused and achieve our goals. Motivation is essential for personal growth and development, and without it we are completely unproductive. 


Despite its importance, motivating employees is a rather difficult task for any employer. However, with the help of special technologies, this problem can be easily solved. Yaware.TimeTracker is one of such tools that can help motivate employees in the workplace. 


So, how does Yaware help motivate employees and increase productivity?

  1. Accounting and analysis of working time 

Yaware is a time tracking app that provides employees with a detailed analysis of their working day. It helps them understand how much time they spend on each task and how productive they are throughout the day. This information can help employees identify areas where they need to improve and make changes to their work habits to become more productive.


  1. Setting goals and monitoring

Yaware allows employees to set goals and monitor their progress towards achieving them. This can help motivate employees to work harder and focus on important tasks without being distracted by social media. Seeing their progress toward goals can help employees feel a sense of accomplishment and be motivated to keep working to reach even greater heights.


  1. Work-life balance

Yaware also helps to ensure work-life balance, which is essential for employee motivation. By tracking their time, employees can see how much time they spend on work and how much on other activities. This can help them learn how to manage their time and, as a result, find a work-life balance, which will definitely increase motivation and improve productivity.


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But it's important to remember that you need to motivate employees in the right way.

How to do it?

Staff motivation should be based on several rules:

  • it must be voluntary;
  • not to humiliate or elevate at the expense of personal human qualities;
  • not to focus only on material things.


The essence of employee motivation is not so much to increase productivity immediately, but rather to gradually and continuously increase it naturally. So there is no need to put the pressure in any way. 



Yaware can be a powerful tool for motivating employees and increasing productivity in the workplace. By providing employees with opportunities for tracking and analyzing their time, setting and tracking goals, feedback and recognition, work-life balance, and resources for learning and development, Yaware can help create a positive and motivating work environment.

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