Efective Freelance

For each freelancer, it is important to use programs which help to manage time efficiently. After all, work of any person, who performs it without signing a long-term contract with an employer, personal productivity and meeting deadlines is a priority. For effective freelance, you can only rely on yourself, so you need to choose the appropriate software that will help you manage your work and monitor the implementation of tasks, taking all deadlines into account.
There are lots of programs working with texts, calculations, developments, which are vital for each freelancer. When choosing apps, it is important to consider the special features of remote work and specialization that a person has chosen for themselves. However, there are top-5 programs that are suitable for freelancers in general for:

  1. time tracking.
  2. making lists and keeping notes.
  3. file hosting and sharing.
  4. issuing invoices and accounting.
  5. job search.

As additional resources, you can choose project management apps, apps to work with texts, computer programming, design, etc. Each freelancer chooses such programs individually.

Special Features of Time Tracking and Lists Making Apps

A person who freelance on a professional or amateur level is aware of the value of time. This is why its so important to use time monitoring services to correctly schedule work, prioritize tasks and meet the deadlines.
One of the most popular time management program is Yaware.TimeTracker. It is appreciated by many companies of various fields of activity, as well as freelancers. Its main features include:

  • marking of the start and finish of work on a particular task;
  • monitoring of visited sites, used documents, apps, assessment of productivity;
  • analysis of actions indirectly related to the computer system;
  • task status management.

It is really easy to install this program, it does not take much time and does not interfere with workflow. A free trial period is also available.
Rescue Time program stands out against these programs, since it allows you to track work hours as efficiently as possible. It works as follows: every week it sends out a report that contain one task that distracts you from the main activity, reduces efficiency and takes time.
Another program in this list is Toggl, which is suitable for those who needs time managing service because of the diversity of their projects. The app offers an alternative to time cards and has a convenient interface.
The following programs are good for making lists:

  1. Evernote;
  2. Todoist;
  3. MyLifeOrganized;
  4. SyncBackFree.

They have simple and accessible design and increase your productivity due to the opportunity to take notes and write down ideas in a variety of forms, from simple notes to illustrations.

File Sharing and Accounting Programs

The ability to share files is the main condition of any copywriter or web designer work. Without such programs, it is difficult to freelance effectively. The most popular apps for this are SHAREit, SuperBeam, and Pushbullet.
Like any professional activity, freelance deals with payments. Therefore, you need to use special accounting and invoice issuing apps, such as Invoicely, Wave, or Mint. Their main features are:

  • send invoices out  to clients;
  • assessment of payments and receipts;
  • monitoring of all accounting transactions;
  • monitoring of payment dates.

The main advantage is that most applications are free. They also combine financial accounts together and help with bookkeeping.

Importance of Job Searching Apps

In a competitive environment, it is difficult to find job in advanced companies, so many people prefer freelance. This makes it possible to plan a working day independently. Job search resources play an important role here.
Apps such as Upwork, Toptal, or Freelancer allow you to choose suitable projects depending on your qualification and deadlines. Some freelance services work based on the principle of competition, and it is necessary to prove your skills and qualification to potential employers.

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