Time is one of the most valuable resources, it is important to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity of work processes. To achieve this goal, it is important not only to organize your working time well, but also to monitor how each employee's time is spent. In this context, time tracking tools such as Yaware.TimeTracker become an integral part of the workflow for both managers and subordinates. Let's look at the advantages of this tool for both sides –  managers and subordinates.


For managers:


Effective monitoring of working hours:

Yaware.TimeTracker gives managers the ability to effectively monitor how employees spend their working time. This allows you to understand which tasks take up the most time and optimize the workflow.


Work time planning:

Analyzing the data collected by Yaware.TimeTracker helps managers to effectively plan tasks and allocate resources. They can easily allocate time for the most important tasks and respond in time to changes in priorities.


Performance evaluation:

The Yaware.TimeTracker analytics system allows managers to receive clear data on the performance of their team. This contributes to an objective assessment of performance and allows making informed management decisions.


Promotion of work ethics:

The use of Yaware.TimeTracker contributes to the formation of a healthy work ethic among employees. Knowing that working hours are tracked can be an incentive for a more responsible attitude to one's own duties.


For employees:



Yaware.TimeTracker provides employees with the ability to independently track their working time, which allows them to better organize their work activities. It develops self-management skills and helps to achieve the set goals.


Objective assessment of productivity:

Employees can use Yaware.TimeTracker for self-evaluation and performance improvement. By knowing which tasks take up more time, they can focus on key aspects of their work.



Using a time monitoring tool creates transparency in the relationship between employees and managers. This helps to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings, as both parties have access to objective data.


Increasing self-awareness:

Employees, using Yaware.TimeTracker, can become more aware of their work habits and identify areas for improvement. This contributes to the development of personal and professional skills.


Want to start using Yaware.TimeTracker but hesitate? Try using the program for 14 days for free to experience its functionality to the full!


In conclusion, Yaware.TimeTracker is a useful tool for both managers and employees. It helps to optimize time, increases productivity and promotes the formation of an effective work culture in the organization.

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