How much an employee will benefit from monitoring tools depends on which specific tool you use. For example, with the help of Yaware.TimeTracker, managers and employees can track their own attendance, productivity and efficiency. As a result, monitoring the working hours of employees has a number of advantages, including:


  • Balance between work and personal life

Remote work can quickly blur the lines between work and personal life. Checking email after working hours or rushing through a task late at night are common things that take a toll on employees' well-being and increase the likelihood of burnout. Time tracking software allows both managers and employees to track their daily work hours to avoid burnout.


  • Personal improvement

Yaware.TimeTracker tracks what exactly employees spend their time on and how productive it is. By viewing this data, your employees can evaluate their own performance. In turn, they can optimize their workday, for example by focusing on deep work during periods when they are most productive, or by identifying bad work habits and taking preventive measures to improve their productivity.


  • Data-driven performance review

Having access to data on employee productivity allows for a more objective assessment of their effectiveness in discussions with the HR department. After all, productivity indicators can directly indicate how employees are doing, show how they spend their working time, etc.


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Moreover, Yaware offers 14 days of free use of the program so that you can experience its functionality to the fullest!


How to properly monitor the working hours of employees?

Start practicing full transparency. If you follow these 3 steps, your team is more likely to embrace the new monitoring tool.


1. Explain how and why the monitoring tool will be used

Be transparent about why you are implementing the tool. Also explain exactly how it will be used – for day-to-day supervision, performance review or otherwise.


2. Discuss the various features and capabilities of the new tool

Viewing functionality ensures that employees know exactly how monitoring works and don't have to worry about snooping without consent.


3. Train your employees to take full advantage of the software

Most importantly, make sure your employees know how they will benefit from the software. This will enable them to improve their productivity, work-life balance and negotiating position. So that they can take advantage of the monitoring tool, consider giving them a few “tutorials” on how to use the tool to its full potential.



Monitoring employees' working hours has many advantages for both employers and employees. It helps increase productivity, develop self-discipline, reduce errors, and improve work quality. In addition, it helps create a more transparent and trusted working relationship. With the increasing importance of efficient use of time, time monitoring remains an essential tool for today's companies.

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