Time tracking is an important task for any company or organization. It helps to monitor employee productivity, calculate salaries, and ensure compliance with labor laws. However, there are different ways to keep track of working time, from manual to automated. In this article we'll look at 4 ways to find out how your employees use their working time:


№1 Time tracking 

Manual time tracking involves recording the start and finish of a task or project manually. This can be done with a paper time sheet. Then the time spent on each task is calculated and the total number of hours worked for each day, week, or month is recorded.


The biggest advantage of this method of time tracking is its cost-effectiveness, as it does not involve the cost of special software or hardware.


№2 Spreadsheet method

Excel and Google Sheets are infinitely flexible. They can be easily used to record how much time you spend on projects or individual tasks. All you need to do is create a few columns, such as “date”, “start time”, “end time”, etc. You can also add a column for “client name” and “hourly rate”. Either way, every time you work, just log in to your spreadsheet and make notes. You can ask your employees to do the same.


It's just as cost-effective as the previous method.


№3 Software

A time monitoring system is effortless. To start monitoring, you just need to open the timer with the working time calculation and press start, and stop it when you are done. Accounting for the working time of office employees is not always synonymous with distrust. Although ensuring that employees are accountable for the time spent on a task usually matters. Especially in those companies where services largely depend on the time spent on a task.


This method is accurate, time-efficient, and easy to use. However, it has its drawbacks – turning the timer on and off can be tiring. In addition, employees may forget to press the buttons at the beginning and end of the work, which can lead to the fact that the entire count is lost.


№4 Automatic time tracker

If you don't want to start and stop the timer manually, you can choose Yaware.Timetracker, with which automatic time tracking will be enabled all the time.


Yaware.TimeTracking is an employee monitoring solution designed specifically to help companies increase productivity. Its powerful features allow employees to use the tools they need to do their job well, without violating their personal boundaries. 


Yaware cares not only about companies but also about their employees. Buying a Yaware.TimeTracker license will be useful for

  • a company that wants to increase staff productivity and, as a result, increase profits;
  • an employee who wants to increase their earnings and receive transparent reporting and a fair assessment of their efforts.


With its help, you can find out:

  • what time of day is the most productive for employees;
  • what resources employees use to perform a particular task;
  • how much time is spent on a task;
  • when there are difficulties in performing a task and help is needed;
  • what distracts employees and prevents them from moving forward.


Register right now, because Yaware offers 14 days of free use of the program so you can experience its functionality to the fullest!

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