Are you business intelligent? No, we’re not asking how well you know the theory of management, etc. How well do you know what is going on in your company?
Business intelligence means that you own a comprehensive information about the performance of your company and employees, expenses and productivity level. To get this information, you should use business intelligence software, e.g. an hours tracker.

Why should you use a business intelligence software?

As W. Edwards Deming once said: “What we can’t measure, we can’t manage”. So, if you can not estimate the productivity of your business you can not be completely sure that you are making right decisions on increasing the performance.
Use of the business intelligence software eliminates guess work and decisions based on intuition. It gives clear, accurate information about how employees spend their time, where do all the expenses go keeping it in one place, and collecting it automatically.

What does an hours tracker do?

It is aimed to collect and analyze employees’ performance and productivity. E.g. the websites and applications that an employee uses during the day, their productivity status, time spent away from the computer (meetings, phone calls, breaks).

What kind of improvements can you make using an hours tracker?

1) Improve efficiency

The main reason to start using a time tracker is because it increases the efficiency of your organisation.
Make sure to share all the information gained from a time tracking system. Not only you can decide how to improve the efficiency of your company, but your employees can also take their part.

2) Improve employees’ time management skills

Like said before, what you can’t measure you can’t manage. Probably that is why most people struggle with time management – simply because they don’t estimate their time.
With time tracking software employees get a chance to improve their time management skills because it provides them with visual information about time spent on every app/website, project/task.

3) Streamline vital business processes

Would you like to get ready for payroll faster? Or maybe share the business knowledge faster and in a simpler way?
You can do that with the help of an hours tracker. Simply export the data to CSV or Excel and you can instantly share it.
The accounting department will no longer need to go through all the paper timesheets and count total worked days/hours.

In conclusion

An hours tracker provides you with actionable information about employee performance, productivity patterns in your company and help to detect areas that need improvement. So, instead of guessing what you could do to increase the efficiency of your business, makes decisions based on facts.

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