4 loyal methods of employee monitoring

Loyal employee monitoring is the practice of monitoring employees in an honest, transparent manner, respecting their personal space. Loyal monitoring methods are aimed at protecting the interests of both employers and employees. In addition, it aims to promote a safe … Read More

How can a manager avoid losing the trust of employees?

Building and maintaining trust with employees is crucial for any manager or leader. Here are some tips that can help a manager avoid losing the trust of employees:   Communicate transparently: Be honest and transparent in your communication with your … Read More

6 benefits of time management skills

Benefit 1: Increased productivity By carefully planning and prioritizing your tasks, you can channel your energy and focus on the current task without missing out on the small details. This unprecedented concentration leads to a noticeable increase in the speed … Read More

How to manage a business from a distance?

In general, successful remote business management depends on communication, collaboration, and effective use of tools. And while managing a business from a distance can be challenging, especially if you don’t have experience working with remote teams. However, applying the right … Read More

8 Effective Ways For Tackling Imposter Syndrome to Help You Work Better

It’s easy to feel like you don’t belong. “I’m not worthy of the praise I receive” or “I’m a fraud” are thoughts people around the globe, maybe even you, experience persistently and can create huge obstacles in their professional lives.  … Read More

Flexible working hours for your employees: implementing time tracking

A flexible work schedule is an opportunity to come to the work and leave it at a certain time or chosen working days. For example, an employee is allowed to start the working day from 9 am to 11 am … Read More

Automatic timesheet: its advantages and how it works

A timesheet is a spreadsheet that records the time spent by an employee on tasks or projects. Previously, managers used paper sheets for this purpose, and all statistics were transferred to spreadsheets.   A time sheet is an important business … Read More