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How to help employees overcome perfectionism and improve work productivity in 5 steps?

Anxious, burnt-out perfectionists may not recognize their perfectionism as a problem. However, demanding overly high standards, cultivating self-esteem based on meeting those standards, and constantly criticizing yourself will eventually lead to burnout, stress, and frustration. Can we help the team … Read More


How to Track Time: Best Employee Monitoring Software

Best employee monitoring software is a cost-effective way to monitor employee hours and get a picture of how their time is spent. This article describes different ways to track team time and some basic guidelines for choosing software for remote … Read More

7 thoughts on monitoring working hours

Why are so many companies doomed to failure before implementing time monitoring? It’s difficult for companies to present new software to the team, and many managers fall into pitfalls that could be avoided with the right approach. This article will … Read More

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Company work in stressful conditions: how to not only survive but also benefit

During a volatile market situation, companies usually minimize risks and show the least possible activity. Managers strive to keep the company safe and calculate every step. However, in difficult conditions, those who take risks succeed, not those who minimize them. … Read More


Remote Worker Management: Top 4 Ways to Keep Your Business Running

Keeping your team productive and happy while working remotely is no easy task. But as more companies adopt flexible work policies, the demand for remote work solutions continues to grow. There are many ways to manage remote employees – you … Read More

What do people most often spend working time?

Time tracker reports are a good resource to remember what work you did yesterday or last month. The tool is also well suited for those working to improve their working day and who want to find out which tasks or … Read More

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How to distinguish a time tracker from a spy: 3 fundamental and 9 functional differences

On Producthunt a survey was posted on whether the work of a time tracker in a company affects the level of trust between an employee and an employer. There were responses in the comments that it was just a tool … Read More