Yaware.TimeTracker vs Workmeter

What Is WorkMeter?

WorkMeter is an automatic time tracking solution for employees, who use computers and mobile phones at work. The tool helps to measure productivity levels of the workforce and improve it.

What Is Yaware.TimeTracker?

Yaware.TimeTracker is web-based software, that keeps the records of employees’ time while they are executing their work tasks. The app allows to increase productivity, reduce costs and evaluate employees fairly.

All Offline Activities in One Report

Unlike WorkMeter, Yaware.TimeTracker not only records time spent away from the computer, but also represents the data in one report. So, you can easily see, if there are too many meetings or if coffee breaks take too long.

Rank Employees By Their Productivity

Yaware.TimeTracker apart from analyzing productivity, delivers report on employee ratings. You have a chance to quickly way to see, which employee uses the time most productively. WorkMeter does not offer such kind of report.

Different Access Levels to Reports

WorkMeter allows to assign different access levels to administrator (access to all tabs and sections with the ability to configure all groups), group manager (access to the specific tabs and optionally ability to make configurations for the group).

In turn Yaware.TimeTracker is more flexible in this question. It allows to specify different access levels for various users, for example:

  • Head of department (possibility to view reports, access to settings)
  • HR Manager (possibility to view reports on attendance, time worked, etc.)
  • Administrator (access to configurations)
  • Accountant (access to payment section)

Improving Punctuality

Unlike WorkMeter, Yaware.TimeTracker provides a report on latecomers, where you can see, if an employee comes to work on time. This feature helps to improve attendance and comply with company’s rules.

Working within Work Schedule

Yaware.TimeTracker generates a report on leaving before time. It allows to see, if employees finish their work earlier, than it is scheduled. The feature is extremely important for support engineers. WorkMeter does not offer this option.

Timesheet to Streamline Payroll Calculations

Yaware.TimeTracker, in contrast to WorkMeter offers to run timesheets in the most accurate and quick way. Timesheet contains data about worked time of an employee and the number of days off per month.

Timesheets can be customized to cover individual requirements

The settings allow you to set up the “Timesheets” for a particular employee or the whole team/department. So that it is easy to specify, if there is standard working week (40 hours with two days off per week) or the employee has a shift work (where shifts can be changed or rotated).

WorkMeter does not support this feature.

Screenshots to Track Time with Proof

Unlike WorkMeter, Yaware.TimeTracker offers an option to take screenshots. So, that you are 100% sure in what your employees are busy with.

Snapshots to Check the Workplace

In contrast to WorkMeter, Yaware.TimeTracker allows to take webcam snapshots. It improves the monitoring of employees at remote locations.