Yaware.TimeTracker vs SlimTimer

What Is SlimTimer?

SlimTimer is a web-based time clock that keeps track of the projects online. The tool is designed for individuals or teams, allowing to create tasks, track time spent, and download reports.

What Is Yaware.TimeTracker?

Yaware.TimeTracker is a web-based app, that records time spent on different resources. The software allows freelancers, remote and office employees to increase productivity and cut costs.

How to Use SlimTimer?

Once logged in, you have to create a new task/project or choose from existing ones. After clicking on the project, the timer starts to record time. To stop the timing, you have to click on project name again.

How to Use Yaware.TimeTracker?

Once, you have turned on the computer, Yaware.TimeTracker starts to record the time automatically. You can specify in the settings, if you need full time monitoring or just during working hours (e.g. from 8 a.m. till 5 p.m.).

Multitasking: Is It Trackable?

SlimTimer allows to open its another window and start timing of a new project simultaneously. As a result you receive not very accurate data, as one of the project could take less time.

In contrast, Yaware.TimeTracker records online and offline activities automatically. For example, if you are working on a new product, and receive an email with new urgent task to call the customer, all the activities will be tracked automatically, as follows:

  • Microsoft Project – 20min (product development)
  • Gmail – 5min (reading/answering emails)
  • Offline activity: phone call – 12min (conversation with a customer)

Reports to Check and Improve Punctuality

Unlike SlimTime, Yaware.TimeTracker provides its users with reports on latenesses and leaving before time. Thanks to this feature you can improve attendance and make sure employees are available during working hours.

Screenshots and Snapshots to Verify Activities

Yaware.Time Tracker offers an opportunity to take screenshots and webcam snapshots. So that you get a clear view of the workday of the employees, no matter, if they are in one office with you or work remotely. SlimTimer does not have this feature.

Productivity Analyzes to Simplify Management

Yaware.TimeTracker in contrast to SlimTimer, categorizes used applications and visited websites in accordance with the relevance to work into three groups: productive, neutral, unproductive.

Thanks to this feature, you can find an answer to this simple question:

Was tracked time used productively?

The generated reports allow to see, how much time was spent productively, who is the most productive employee, etc. Managers do not need to look through all the resources used by employees, wondering if they are essential for work. There are more than 15k apps and sites in Yaware.TimeTracker database, and you can easily add new ones, if needed.

Personal Statistics to Encourage Employees

Unlike SlimTimer, Yaware.TimeTracker allows employees to view their personal statistics with productivity categorization. As a result, an employee can start using time more efficiently and minimize usage of unproductive resources.

Download the Data for Better Convenience

SlimTimer allows to download reports in CSV format only. In turn reports generated by Yaware.TimeTracker can be downloaded in CSV and PDF formats, as well as there are responsive ones for iOS and Android apps.