Yaware.TimeTracker vs Freckle

What Is Freckle?

Freckle is a time tracking application, that allows its users to track time spent on projects with the help of a timer and manual time entry and create invoices. The software also provides an opportunity to track unbillable time.

What is Yaware.TimeTracker?

Yaware.Time Tracker is a web-based application for automatic tracking of the employees’ time (productive, neutral and unproductive hours). It is aimed to simplify payroll calculations, increase productivity, save time and cut costs.

How Is Time Recorded with Freckle?

You can record the time spent on the projects using the timer. You also need to input time into the blue Quick Entry Box manually. There are three fields: (1) time field, (2) client or project field, (3) tags and descriptions.

How Is Time Recorded with Yaware.TimeTracker?

Yaware.TimeTracker records time automatically. Once you check the option of full time monitoring, the system will automatically track all visited websites and used applications, with the exact time spent on them. If you want to use computer for personal needs, you can suspend time recording.

Is It Efficient to Turn The Timer On and Off Or Does Automatic Time Tracking Rock?

Freckle offers its users to record time with the help of timer, and then log it in manually. However, it is an additional work for the employees. In contrast Yaware.TimeTracker records the time spent on resources automatically.

The benefits of automatic time tracking compared to timer:

  • Elimination of human mistakes (forgetting to start and stop the timer on time)
  • No impact of interruptions (simply the new activity is recorded)
  • Saving time (no need to push start and stop)
Yaware.TimeTracker vs Freckle

What If Project Requires Offline Activities?

Once you turn on the computer, Yaware.TimeTracker starts recording time. However, if you attend a meeting regarding your project, the time is tracked as well. You simply have to enter the description, once you return to the computer. Freckle does not provide this option.

What If the Client Needs Punctuality?

Unlike Freckle, Yaware.TimeTracker allows to see when the employee starts and finishes work at the computer, as it generates reports on latenesses and leaving before time reports. For example, this feature is extremely important for support engineers.

An Opportunity to Improve Productivity

Yaware.TimeTracker not only tracks time spent on different websites and apps, but also defines their productivity status (productive, neutral, unproductive). As a result manager receives reports with employees ranked by their productivity, and employees get accurate data on personal productivity.

How does report “By categories” and personal statistic impact productivity?

Managers can increase employees’ productivity using accurate data received from the reports, e.g. advice more efficient apps, used by other employees, eliminate time-eaters, etc.

Personal statistic shows the employees, where their time goes. As a result, they can be more organized and use time more efficiently. Freckle does not categorize used resources.

Yaware.TimeTracker vs Freckle-2

Time Editing: Accurately Or Inaccurately?

Freckle allows to edit entered time, as a result client or project manager cannot figure out how accurate the data is. Yaware.TimeTracker does not allow editing, time is tracked automatically, this way the reports contain precise data only.


Freckle sets the price at $19 for one user, in turn Yaware.TimeTracker costs only $8 for one user. Even though, Freckle’s price decreases with bigger amount of users, it is still almost the same as Yaware.TimeTracker cost per employee.