Yaware.TimeTracker vs Chrometa

What Is Chrometa?

Chrometa is fully automatic time tracker that captures time spent on projects within all applications, emails, documents and web pages without data entry. Also the tool records time while user is away and prompts him/her to add a note when s/he is back.

What Is Yaware.TimeTracker?

Yaware.TimeTracker is a web-based employee time and productivity tracker. The software tracks time spent on visited websites and used applications automatically. In addition, the system tracks offline activities, you can be described after returning to the computer.

Installation process

Yaware.TimeTracker does not require any additional software or technical skills for installation. It can be easily setup and already in 15 minutes you can view the report on time worked. In contrast Chrometa requires latest Java version to be installed, and only then the software can be downloaded on your computer or MAC.

Ease of Use

Yaware.TimeTracker is one of the simplest software that you can imagine. It works automatically and does not require entering additional information or making edits. While working with Chrometa, you need to categorize entries to your TimeSheet, otherwise you should create key-based rules to do it automatically.

In what format do the time trackers represent collected data?

Chrometa captures computer time, and represents it in a timesheet. The setup is very similar to the email inbox, you are using. Time entries can be found under Computer Time in Unbilled Time section of the summary screen.

Yaware.TimeTracker represents the data in the various reports (timesheet is also available), so you can view the worked hours:

  • in reports received by email
  • on the dashboard through your account
  • on the mobile device

Export to Excel/CSV/PDF

Chrometa allows to export the collected data into Excel spreadsheet. In contrast Yaware.TimeTracker provides its users with the possibility to export the reports into PDF and CSV format.

Screenshots and Webcam Snapshots

With Yaware.TimeTracker you can get screenshots of employees’ desktops, and webcam snapshots of the workplace, as frequent as needed (min 3 minutes), while Chrometa does not have this feature.

Categorization of Used Applications/Websites

Yaware.TimeTracker has more than 15 000 applications and websites in its database. All of them are divided into three categories: productive, neutral and unproductive. Chrometa does not offer such database.

Do you know who your most productive employee is?

You can easily see who is the most productive employee, by checking the report `By categories`. ‘Productive’ category includes time spent on apps and websites related to work, ‘neutral’ are resources used rarely, and ‘unproductive’ are the ones, that distract from work. So, you can easily view, who spends most of his/her time working productively.

Organizational Structure and Individual Settings

Unlike Chrometa, Yaware.TimeTracker allows to create the desired organizational structure and specify individual settings for specific employees and groups. You can also assign managers to the groups with different access levels.


Both tools are used mostly for monitoring of computer activities. Chrometa is available for Windows, MacOS, iPhone and Android, while Yaware.TimeTracker can be used on Windows, MacOS, Linux, IOS and Android for your better convenience.