Time tracking with screenshots

Find out how time tracking with screenshots can benefit your business

Keep the time tracking automatic

Are you wondering why your business is not working to its full potential? Using an automatic time tracking system, you will get accurate insights about the performance of employees, and so your business. See what pushes the team off balance and does not allow to achieve awesome results.   

Looking for ways to increase productivity? Measure it!

No matter if you are looking for ways to help employees improve time management skills, reduce distractions or rearrange the workflow, time tracking is a great choice. Yaware.TimeTracker automatically evaluates employee productivity, so all that’s left you is to analyze the reports and take actions improve the workflow.

See what you and your team are up to offline

Yaware.TimeTracker automatically tracks the time that employees spend offline. Meetings, phone calls, negotiations are an essential part of the workflow, but they might take too much time than actually needed. Check the structure of offline activities, detect and eliminate the time-draining spots.

Keep overloads under control

Happy and productive team is a pledge of success. To keep your team efficient, you have to keep overtime and workload under control, as they are the eaters of productivity. Yaware.TimeTracker allows you to find out which employees overwork and how often. You can then take things further and analyze the plans of employee and department to reduce overload.  

Yaware.TimeTracker is all you need to get things done

Understanding what’s working the wrong way is thew first step to fixing it.

Yaware.TimeTracker provides with multiple opportunities to help both you and your employees get things done.

Using it you get a detailed chronology of your’s and employees’ day, including:

  • time of beginning and the ending if the work day;
  • the structure of time spent offline;
  • Internet and software use, including productivity analysis;
  • screenshots and webcam shots.

Having such a stock of information at disposal, you can not fail to improve the productivity of your business and employees.

Create settings individually for the team

Yaware.TimeTracker allows you to create individual settings for the team or particular employees. E.g., you can make the time that marketers spend on social media productive because it is their working environment, but unproductive for the rest of the employees. This way you get to evaluate the productivity more accurately.

Get the benefit from visuals

Screenshots are a benefit when you’re trying to assess the work of in-house employees. But they are even a bigger benefit if you employ contractors or freelancers. It allows to evaluate the performance of a remote worker, check the progress of the work and make timely corrections if needed.

Increase the efficiency of how employees use time

Do you feel like your team could do much more but not sure what pushes them off balance?

Measure employee productivity before improving it, using Yaware.TimeTracker.

The time tracker divides all websites and applications that employees use during the day into three categories:

  • productive.
  • unproductive.
  • neutral.

You get inclusive information on the weak spots of employee time management and productivity, so you can decide what and how you can improve it.

time tracking with screenshots

Productivity analytics on any OS

Working with a single operating system is quite inefficient nowadays. Because each OS has its benefits. But regardless the device and OS’s that your company uses, you can still effortlessly track employee time. Yaware.TimeTracker is available for Mac, Linux and Windows. Choose whichever you like or need.

Stay updated no matter what happens

Got sick? Or maybe have to go on a business trip? You can stay updated about the workflow by downloading the application for your Android or iPhone. Or you could just log into your account from any computer and check the reports online.