Time tracking service

Check out how Yaware time tracking service can help your business prosper

Get accurate data about employee time

Yaware.TimeTracker captures the time automatically. Employees don’t have to log in the hours worked, and nobody can change the data. This ensures the high accuracy of data and so, right decisions that improve overall performance.

Benefit the universal time tracking service

Check out how productivity changes in different periods and what you can do to encourage higher performance – e.g., allow a flexible schedule instead of a fixed one. Yaware employee time tracking will record work time precisely in both cases.

Organise and delegate to improve the workflow

Yaware time tracking service allows to recreate the structure of your company inside the application. You can group employees into departments and assign group, managers. You can delegate responsibilities to the managers of departments by giving them access to employees’ reports.

Check the reports on-the-go

For executives who are often on business trips Yaware.TimeTracker presents the opportunity to stay updated about employees’ time and dynamics on-the-go. You can either check the reports from your account, by signing in on from any computer or download the app for your smartphone. And if you are more of an email person, then you can enable email notifications.

Streamline the important business processes

Streamline the way you track time and attendance.

No more paper timesheets. With Yaware.TimeTracker you get automatically filled in timesheets in the cloud. All you have to do is set the time that employees have to work at the computer during the day and once they hit this time, the time tracking service will record that day into a timesheet.

You get accurate time and attendance records with no hassle.

time tracking service

Monitor offline activities

Yaware time tracking service enables you to analyze how employees spend their time away from the computer. It will automatically start tracking an offline activity after a certain time of computer’s inactivity.

Manage remote offices and freelancers

Keep up to date on how your remote employees are getting on. Show them they remain part of the team regardless of their location. With Yaware.TimeTracker installed on their computers, you get accurate and regularly updated statistics on their progress and overall productivity.

Enhance the productivity of your teams

Yaware.TimeTracker is more than just a monitoring software. It offers you an opportunity to analyze the performance of employees in a split second.

Yaware.TimeTracker automatically categorizes the websites and applications that employees use during the day into:

  • productive (often used and work related);
  • unproductive (distracting);
  • neutral (rarely used or uncategorised);

And then generates a detailed report that allows to quickly assess employee productivity and undertake the right actions to increase it.

time tracking service2

Assess employee productivity accurately

Yaware time tracking service allows to create individual settings of app/website productivity for the department or particular employee. I.e., you can set Skype as a productive app for salespeople, but neutral for accountants. This way you receive the most accurate picture of employee productivity.

Let employees assess their productivity too

Using Yaware.TimeTracker you also give your employees an opportunity to analyze and increase productivity at the workplace. Each employee gets a detailed report with time and productivity analysis inside, so they can easily determine their time eaters and improve time management.