Time tracking app

See how Yaware can boost productivity in your company

Measuring work time has never been so easy

Save time and reduce costs with Yaware time tracking app. View data on productivity (worked hours, overtime, overload, attendance, etc.) in just 15 minutes after installation. No need to bother yourself with manual checks any more – Yaware employee monitoring software starts collecting data automatically the moment each computer is turned on.

View records of apps and websites

Help your team become more efficient by letting them see what tools they use in their work and for how long. Yaware time tracking app precisely records them all. Are some of those resources taking too much productive time and your team ends up with deadlines not met and everyones spirits low? Show your team how remarkable results can be achieved much faster and less stressfully if a bit of accurate measuring is applied.

Monitor teams from different departments

Group employees by departments according to your company’s organizational structure. Save time by viewing summarized reports on group productivity instead of analyzing each employees statistics separately (while individual statistics are available too).

Manage remote offices and freelancers better

Keep updated on how your remote staff and freelancers are doing. Analyze plausible data collected by Yaware time tracking app to make work interactions more effective and to quickly reach agreements on all work issues. Help your remote employees boost their productivity and achieve excellent results with the rest of the team.

Over 15,000 websites and apps categorized

Yaware time tracking app has over 15,000 resources in its database. To make employee monitoring simpler than ever, Yaware automatically defines their productivity. So all apps and websites employees use at work are divided into three groups which then form the reports:

  • Productive (marked green)
  • Unproductive (marked red)
  • Neutral (marked grey)
Time tracking app 2

Flexible settings

Choose whichever settings you think suit your monitoring process best – work schedules and job responsibilities vary within a company. With Yaware time tracking app you can adjust to these differences easily.

Which monitoring mode should you choose?

Make your monitoring process open – let your employees know about it in order to boost performance. Choose the hidden mode in case you want to compare the data. Shift between the two modes whenever you need to.

Stimulate higher performance

See how your team are distributing their offline time, e.g. meetings, coffee breaks, etc. Make sure you provide them with a comfortable work/rest balance and at the same time directing them towards better time management. Yaware time tracking app will give you proper feedback from the request forms.


How can you boost productivity with personal statistics?

Provide your team with access to their personal statistics. Let them analyze their productivity on their own to foster motivation and greater engagement.

Give your team the necessary and timely advice on how else the work process can be organized better so that they can remain productive and inspired. Data collected by Yaware time tracking app is a great starting point for any decision regarding your teams productivity.

Time tracking app

Screenshots and snapshots

Keep updated on how the work on each project is progressing at any particular moment of the day by viewing screenshots of monitors. See how the office looks like by viewing webcam snapshots. Define the frequency of taking the screenshots and snapshots – a minimal value is 3 minutes.

Check all data in laconic reports

Analyze regularly updated, inclusive reports to track the dynamics of productivity. Choose the most convenient way to view them – online, mobile or email. Specify the frequency of reports (daily, weekly or monthly) to make the monitoring process even more effective.