Time Tracker Software

Find out how time tracker software from Yaware can improve your company’s workflow

Manage time and attendance easier

Yaware.TimeTracker generates the collected data into simple, understandable reports, where all the information is provided in the form of graphic charts.

Evaluate the productivity of employees’ work

With Yaware.TimeTracker you can quickly and accurately evaluate employee productivity. The software divides all websites and applications that employees use during working time and divides them into productive, unproductive and neutral categories. Then you can view the data in the report and tell how productively employees use their working time.

Check the data on-the-go

If you’re on a business trip, you can still stay updated about employees’ progress. You can access the data through a browser, simply by logging into your account or download an app for your IOS or Android device.

Track time of virtual teams and remote offices

Yaware.TimeTracker enables you to effortlessly track time, no matter what the size of your company is. You can build a hierarchy of groups according to the structure of your company to make analyzing faster and more simple.

Evaluate the time that employees spend offline

Except for tracking, time worked at the computer Yaware.TimeTracker also captures the offline activities like meetings, phone calls, lunch breaks, etc.

The software begins considering the time as offline after a certain time of computer’s inactivity.
Using this feature, you can easily see the picture of the whole employee time, that includes both online and offline activities.

offline activities

Enable commenting for better insight

You can enable the commenting option to let employee specify exactly what s/he has been doing. You can also write hints to help employees understand which information they should put into the comment.

Tailor the offline activities according to your needs

Except for the pack of standard offline activities, Yaware time tracker software provides the opportunity to create additional options. If your company has some specific activities, you can easily include them into the monitoring settings.

Browse through the reports quickly

Why else would you want to track time, if not for the reports that an hours tracker generates for you.

Yaware.TimeTracker provides you with the most important reports that give you a full insight of your business and employee performance:

  • report “By time” (shows main time characteristics of employee’s day)
  • ratings of employees (a rating of employees according to the amount of productive and unproductive time)
  • by “Categories” (shows the most utilized apps and software, and their productivity status)

Benefit the visual summary of activities

Check the remote workplaces and office by going through the webcam snapshots. See who works at the workplace and ensure its safety. Stay updated on the progress of the project by checking employees’ desktop screenshots.

Make balanced decisions on improving company’s workflow

Don’t ever make an uncertain decision again. Use the data that Yaware time tracker software collects for you to analyze employees’ work and then develop solutions that fit the needs of your company.