Time tracker app

Manage your time, work smarter and achieve more with Yaware.TimeTracker

A web-based solution for any OS

Want to manage your time easily and on the go? With Yaware.TimeTracker it couldn’t be easier. It’s a web-based app which tracks your time on any device you might use and delivers the stats to a single online account. Yaware.TimeTracker is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android and iOS. You can enjoy simple, yet advanced time tracking on your favorite gadget.

Automatic time tracking

You don’t have to push start and stop as Yaware.TimeTracker tracks your time automatically. Finally there’re no manual checks and timesheets – just imagine how much time you save in the first place. Precise stats on time and attendance, Internet and software use, overtime and flexitime are now available to you at anytime with no efforts on your part.

Streamline daily workflow

With a time tracker app it’s easy to keep up with everything and make your work run smoothly. Never waste a minute of your productive time again. Yaware.TimeTracker helps you improve daily planning and scheduling. It shows you your most and least productive hours so you can plan accordingly. Now you can easily streamline your daily log by making the most of your core working hours.

Unite with your remote teams

Yaware.TimeTracker enables you to see the distribution of time that employees spend away from the computers. The application automatically stops recording time after a set period of computer inactivity and resumes it when employee gets back to work.

Easily analyze your performance with a time tracker app

Ever felt like you could do with more hours in a day to get everything done? Yaware.TimeTracker helps you start using your time smartly and overcome distractions which cost too much to be ignored. Not only it tracks your time but also makes it easy for you to see where it goes, which of your activities are productive and which ones just take away your time. How? It automatically categorizes all software and sites you use in 3 groups:

  • productive
  • unproductive
  • neutral
time tracker app

Friendly settings for you and your team

You need just a few minutes to specify the settings – either individual, or group ones. Your business needs are unique and Yaware.TimeTracker provides a wide set of options to perfectly suit them. Intuitively plain and easy to customize – that’s what they are.

Time tracking with screenshots

To provide you with even more insightful data on time and productivity Yaware.TimeTracker takes screenshots and webcam snapshots. Choose if you need them to get a full picture of how the work is being done – this feature is optional.

Create, improve and grow

A time tracker app from Yaware helps both you and your team enhance productivity, free up time for improvement and inspiration and repeatedly achieve more. Easy setup and smart settings make it easy for you to spot productivity gaps and quickly bridge them.
Share your stats and motivate your team for more
All stats Yaware.TimeTracker collects can be shared with your team. Foster transparency and open discussion on how things can be done better and faster. Yaware.TimeTracker provides a valuable feedback on performance and helps everyone grow and improve.

Time tracker app2

Simple and insightful reports

Tired of pointless guesswork on your time and productivity? A time tracker app from Yaware provides you with a great alternative. Real-time, actionable and insanely easy to interpret reports are available to you at anytime and from anywhere.

Notifications via email and mobile

Want to stay posted on everything you need to know about your productivity? With Yaware.TimeTracker it’s really easy as it sends you daily/weekly/monthly notifications. Just check them out whenever you need via your email or mobile.